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germ13 germ13

Niner since 2012

  • Edge of the Web: ASP.NET 5 & Bower

    Thanks for the 


    This will reduce typing all those

    in my html.



  • UWP-020 - Common XAML Controls - Part 1

    @NithinRamu Not sure how familiar you are with LINQ. You might want to do some research on that first.

    But here is my attempt at an explanation:

    var selectedItems =  // var where selectedItems will be stored.
        MyListBox.Items.Cast<ListBoxItem>() // Goes through each item in the listbox casts its type to ListBoxItem, this is done because the sender/handler does not send this information
        .Where(p => p.IsSelected)  // a filter which keeps only the selected items.
        .Select(t => t.Content.ToString()) // Converts each selected to a string type
        .ToArray();  // Converts selected strings into an array to be able to process them, this could have been a List (.ToList())

    Also, @BobTabor: you've really got a way of explaining things.  you're a natural teacher. thanks.




  • How Do I: Use Event Handlers in a Windows 8 App?

    nice thorough explanation of the different ways of adding an event to a DOM element, and how they subtly differ.

  • Microsoft DevRadio: Community Corner – Update Controls for Windows 8 app Development

    just wondering how much work it would take to change the framework so that instead of writing:

    Independent<string> _name = new Independent<string>();

    you could write:

    string _name;

    if possible at all, desirable, or worth the effort. Smiley

    Would make for cleaner code.
    Seems very promising though.

    Thank you.