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  • Peter Villadsen and Gustavo Plancarte: X++ to MSIL

    Why is the approach taken to de-integrate everything in Ax? It's strongest point is the fact that you have a single tool-set for everything and now the direction seems to be moving away from that. When you rely on other tools (eg SSRS) you're effectively introducing a new system and interface, and there will always be a disconnect between the two. Is it just to incorporate as many technologies as possible as opposed to actually improving developer productivity? I am honestly, yet to hear a solid technical argument for this approach as opposed to marketing based 'xxx is the future'. The day-to-day issues that come up with installing all of these systems (SSRS, Sharepoint, EP) and the problems that occur from differing versions/service packs/etc are constant and very frustrating. And at this point (V2009) the tools and integration are not as solid or reliable as one would hope. In terms of 'dropping X++ reports' - I shudder to think what the SSRS implementation of something like financial statements or the highly procedural/configurable reports would be like.


     I'm generally interested in the overall approach and reasoning as this is my day-to-day work.