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Giorgio Sardo gioker84 Sr. Director (Microsoft Corp)

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Giorgio Sardo is a Senior Director in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group at Microsoft Corporation, leading worldwide technical evangelism of client technologies such as Windows, Windows Phone and XBOX One.

Having spent much of his early professional career focusing on the future of the Web, Giorgio now heads a team of exceptional engineers and evangelists who work at the forefront of the latest platform innovations at Microsoft. He influences product strategy by channeling feedback from the developer ecosystem, and coordinates technical messaging and keynotes at major Microsoft events such as Build. His work also includes developing compelling apps and games in partnership with influential partners around the globe, and supporting field evangelism organizations worldwide.

Giorgio is a popular speaker globally. Over the last several years, he has presented and held the keynotes at hundreds of conferences, including Build, TechEd, Future of the Web, and TEDx.

Before joining the Evangelism group, he was the winner of the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals Competition, and was nominated as Best Consultant of the Year by the British Computer Society.



  • IE9 and Privacy: Introducing Tracking Protection

    1.     Microsoft has a long-held belief that people should have choice and control in how their personal information is used on the internet. You can read more here.

    2.     From the official blog post: One potential downside is that some web site publishers and developers already have concerns with large numbers of visitors blocking some of the content today (usually ads). We understand this concern and have provided several ways to deal with this issue. First, this functionality is opt-in, and by default consumers’ experience will remain the same as it is today, unless they make a decision to change it. Second, any site can make available a Tracking Protection List that creates exceptions (via “OK to Call” items) for external content that   provides the full experience of the site. This TPL provides transparency to the consumer about the additional sites he will visit and share information with. Third, a site can pull external content into its own domain, so that a consumer has no need to call external sites. Lastly, networks of sites and associations can work together to create a TPL that they recommend broadly to consumers. We designed the feature so that there are ample opportunities for all the constiuencies to engage in a manner consistent with their priorities and point of view.

  • Swine Flu (H1N1) Tracker Web Slice Released

    Umh...what should we say then about those people that read or listen to murders/crimes on the newspapers or TV News? Are them all serial killers? Smiley

    Information is the key. Without information, there would not be freedom. Are Web Slices going to save the world? Maybe not (maybe...), but at least they will help us to be more connected with the information that we want. Because at the end of the day, it's up to you to subscribe to the Swine Flu, Ebay, ESPN Soccer, or one of the other hundreds web slice... Smiley

  • Ebay on IE8

    Thanks Bas, this is helpful. Watch out the Ebay site for updates....more to come soon Wink
  • Ebay on IE8

    Hi Bas,

    thanks for the feedbacks!

    Web slices: they will be live on the site very soon! I know Ebay is pushing an update to their site at the same time I'm writing this post, and it will take a few hours/days to propagate across all the web servers. 

    Visual Search: the way the visual search provider has been designed is:
    • You browse to a website (let's say,
    • IE8 discover that an open search descriptor is available, and highlights the dropdown arrow
    • The user click on "Add search provider->NameOfTheProvider". From this point, the search provider will be always available, regardless where the user is.
    • If the user returns to the website, or browser to another website...the ebay search provider is still in his providers list, allowing him to quickly perform searches with any provider at any time.

    During the Beta and RC period we run many usability labs, and what we found out is that users like to have and use more than 1 search provider; to switch quickly from one to another, you can type your search keyword, and then with the mouse click on the other search provider icons. This will allow you to write once your query, and run it across different search providers. Sharon, our IE PM for Visual Search, has written an interesting post on the IE blog. Finally, in order to preserve users customization, we allow you to set your default search provider (the one with the focus by default); you can change this setting going to "Manage Search Providers".

    Favorites bar: that "gap" is the minimum amount of space needed to show a web slice icon or favorite link title. Being able to flip it to the other side is a good feedback; to be honest we never heard this request before, but I will bring this feedback to the IE Team.

    Please keep posting your feedbacks!

  • Taobao on IE8

    Thanks Charles!

    More content to come soon... Smiley
  • Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices

    Hi Gilles,

    the video of the session will be available after PDC Smiley
    I don't want to anticipate anything about the content but...expect A LOT of demos Smiley

    In the meantime, if you are looking for a Mobile UX whitepaper, have a look at

    Giorgio Sardo
  • Tech Ed 2006: Meet the Imagine Cup 2006 1st Place team - Team Italy

    Thank you!!
    It's such a pleasure to be here on Channel9 Smiley

    Again, Imagine Cup is a great experience: if you are a student and you like technology, this competition is waiting for you Wink

    You can find more information about me, my team and the project Hello World on


    Giorgio Sardo