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Gio giovanni
  • Windows System Image Backup

    @TheTraveler: System Image is a little hidden, but still there in Windows 8. In Control Panel, under File History (Control Panel\System and Security\File History) if you look at the bottom left corner of the window there is a link to the System Image Backup (I think this is what you are looking for).

    I think System Image lost lots of interest since Windows 8 installs a recovery partition (you can also create a separate recovery drive somewhere hidden in Control Panel). But I agree with you, although these options are there, they are hidden to the average user and not very clear (System Image, Recovery Drive, Recovery Partition, File History, etc.).

    My issue with OneDrive and File History is that File History will not back up OneDrive files(OneDrive is not subject to local hardware failures, but it still is vulnerable to file overwrite or deleted by mistake). I do trust the cloud, but with everything on it, I would like to have a local copy... Saving a copy of the System Image and File History on the OneDrive would be a great integration, but I think a local copy is as important.

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    They need to do something about color in general, there are way too many. And something about icons too, they desperately need a visual refresh.

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    I know this can totally be fake, but are those borderless windows? Pretty please!

  • Waiting for Windows 9 :-)

    I am really hoping for a serious refresh of the Desktop UI that is coherent with the modern interface and works seamlessly with modern apps that will replace their ancient counterparts (and a modern cmd box with better resizing and cut and paste!).

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    @bondsbw: sure, theta is a convenient thing, but as you say, probably a minor one as every service can memorize you credit card or PayPal credentials.

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    @vesuvius: I was thinking more along the consumer line, but I can see how that is compelling for developers.

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    @bondsbw: I don't know about the common payment method. My credit card and PayPal are my common payment method :)

    On the other hand, I do think the hardware barriers should disappear and are still higher than they need to be.

    For content bought on a specific platform, things are a little better: you buy music on iTunes and it synches on all devices, same for xBox Music, etc. However, that does not work as well for otherwise purchased music (ripped CDs for example) and you need to rely on music matching services which don't always work and don't give you the bitrate you want when synching on other devices.

    The other week, I bought a non-protected (no DRM) eBook and I wanted to send it to my Kindle Windows app. However, because you need a physical Kindle or an iOS Kindle app (not a Windows one) in order to have a Kindle email address, I could not share the eBook among devices (I ended up storing the file on OneDrive and I had to find an eBook reader app that worked on all my devices). Now this kind of experience can be very frustrating and it is common to eBooks, music and videos (with other file types and particularly with photos the situation is much better, though, for example photos tagged on Photo Gallery will not show the tags on OneDrvie, go figure...).

    Ultraviolet is doing something very interesting with video and is a good example of how also DRM protected content could be shared among devices.

    Personally I feel that more than full ecosystems (including video, music and eBooks), it would be interesting to improve on online storage, local management apps, and DRM management services...

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    Consumers today expect to have an ecosystem of services with their devices/PCs. While I completely understand that people want to choose their ecosystem independently from their OS, Microsoft, Apple, and Google cannot afford not to have a compelling and complete offer for consumers.

    So what makes an ecosystem complete for you? Should all tech giants compete with Netflix, Spotify and the like? How about eBooks?

    I think the following is the minimum a consumer has come to expect:

    1. email, contacts, and calendar
    2. cloud storage synched locally
    3. online document editing

    What I don't know if they should be included are music, video, and eBooks stores. Does it really make sense to compete with other specialized services?

    What should be included, but is currently not available in a satisfactory way is a decent management system (online and offline, with apps AND more full featured old-school desktop programs) for otherwise purchased media such as music, video, eBooks, etc. Sure Apple has iTunes Match, Xbox has something similar, but I want to store on the cloud my files and make these available to my devices, with the bitrate and format of my choosing.

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    @spivonious: There are plenty of potentially very interesting uses for virtual reality (some applications today are flight simulators for example), so I do believe there is a future for this technology.

    Luckily it sounds like "real" reality will be superior for some times to come :)

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    I was at a tradeshow the past week and I finally got the opportunity to try Oculus Rift. The tradeshow was not tech related, but one of the brands thought to amuse the public with an app that allowed to explore a still 3D environment (you moved your head around and experienced a beautiful view from a mountain top...).

    I was very unimpressed by the experience: the pixels are very distinguishable (probably because of the proximity of the screen and the lenses) and the lag and lack of precision of the motion sensors was very annoying. If you add to that the app itself was very boring, I would rate the experience as fairly catastrophic.

    I am sure virtual reality will eventually catch up, but for now it is just a strange novelty like 3D TVs. There is definitely the need for better and more powerful hardware (not to mention lighter and more balanced on your head). My impression is that we are still very far from something remotely useful for anything else but games.

    Has anyone else tried Oculus Rift or similar technologies?