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Gio giovanni
  • A wish for global ​copyrights..​.

    Well, an add supported site could be a problem because the ads might not target the right audience. Still the website is doing nothing unlawful since it is streaming in the right country...
    I don't know, but I think that this problem will be more and more present and that at some point we will have to deal with it. People travel...

  • A wish for global ​copyrights..​.

    By the way, is it legal to use a VPN to go around geo-restrictions?

    I mean, it is not illegal for a visitor to watch TV or buy DVDs when traveling physically to the US. With a VPN the provider is streaming to the original country and the visitor is "virtually" traveling to the destination... Plus almost all the time the user must have a local credit card.

    Not to mention that for a lot of content, VPNs are the only alternative to pirate streaming sites since only a few countries have a selection of shows that compares to the US (not to mention content in its original language abroad - I am talking about you XBox Video and Google Play...).

  • A wish for global ​copyrights..​.

    I am not against copyrights, but I think there is definitely a need for updating the rules:


  • Surface Pro Mini

    @MasterPi: I also think that an 8 in device makes little sense until a version of Office fully optimized for touch is out. At that point if Microsoft pulls out something Courier like and with an interesting cover (for example with e-ink on the cover side) it could be an interesting device.

    I think that in that case it could be an ARM device as battery life would be a very critical point and that desktop apps would probably be useless on such a small form factor.

  • Would a modular video card be ​possible/pr​actucal?

    Not sure what I searched before, but now I found some. Thanks.

  • Would a modular video card be ​possible/pr​actucal?

    @cheong: Cool! Yeah, something like that, any reason for it not to work with a USB port?

  • Would a modular video card be ​possible/pr​actucal?


    Yes, for 1 an external monitor does the trick, 2 is more complicated.

    For 2, the Surface pro already has plenty of RAM, but certain applications refuse to work because of the lack of a decent video card (by contract my 5 years old workstation has 4 GB of RAM and 500 MB of basic video card and it works just fine with the same apps).

    I am still not sure how Azure implemented it, but most app virtualization technologies I looked into are expensive and complicated to implement (they are designed for enterprise environments). They either require Citrix or similar solutions. Remote Desktop works ok with some applications like Inventor when it can be used with RemoteFX, but don't work well with Alias (which uses OpenGL instead of DirectX). Plus you need a pretty decent network connection.

    I looked around, but no sign of dockable or external video card, maybe it isn't feasible?

  • Would a modular video card be ​possible/pr​actucal?

    There are two factors that prevent me from using a small factor laptop/tablet as my main device:

    1) Small screens (below 13.3 in I find it hard to use desktop apps, particularly design related ones)

    2) Need for a (decent) discreet graphic card for 3D work.

    Now, for point 1 it is easy to dock to an external monitor; would it be possible to dock to a discreet graphic card with the latest USB3 standards?

    An alternative to a graphic card could be to use app virtualization, but I am still not sure how easy, expensive, and feasible that is to implement for small business environments and personal use.

  • Office for iPad

    , wkempf wrote

    To be fair, everything your giving kudos to Nadella for was actually already in the works under that evil "Ballmer" that made all of the past decisions you've been critical of. We've yet to really see what Microsoft under Nadella will be like. :)


    I Like Nadella a lot and it seems the press does too, but do people realize this was all prepared by Ballmer?

  • InfoPath is no more :-)

    @Proton2: :P