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Gio giovanni
  • MS adjusts Win7 European Prices

    Thank you EU for trying to include another browser in the OS and forgetting that in general we pay 200% the price of software in the US...

  • HTML5 questions

    CKurt said:
    giovanni said:

    I think it is a good innitative and it might take off one day like the <img> tagg. But I thinks plugins will still enable much richer intteraction. It's good if you detect the plugin has not been installed you can use <video>, but i prefer the plugin (in case of silverlight)

    Maybe you are right. It could be a "standard"alternative in case you don't have or want a specific plug in, but that would mean supporting two different formats at the same time (twice the work and the storage if you need the video files to be encoded in two formats for example).

    It feels to me that this is just a way for Google and Apple (who pays the salaries of the editors of the standard) to force their own technology calling it a new standard.

    Standards are the foundation of the internet, however relying exclusively on standards, I think, can be dangerous. There would be no incentive in developing better and richer solutions as the "standard" would be the "recommended" way.

    From a more technical point of view, what do you think would be the good points of HTML 5 in comparison to Flash and Silverlight?

  • HTML5 questions

    LeoDavidson said:

    There's some recent chat about this (and other stuff) in these two threads:


    Yes, those are the posts that inspired this one. I would like to concentrate here on the comments about HTML5 (and XHTML5) exclusively.

  • HTML5 questions

    I hope this has not been posted before, otherwise sorry for the double post.

    Recently I have been reading more and more about HTML5 and particularly about its ability to embed audio and video without plug ins (Flash, Silverlight, Java FX).

    It seems to me that there are two opposite fronts: those who love it and those who hate it. I would like to know where you stand and why. Please don't make a religious war out of this post.

  • Windows Security Essentials Beta is live!

    Have been running it for almost a day on my old XP laptop and on a 64 bit Vista machine. This is exactly what I was looking for: simple and minimalist. It takes so little resources while doing a scan that the ancient Celeron processor was still usable for surfing the internet. So far one of the best antivirus I have ever tested.

  • What the point of Office Live?

    PaoloM said:
    giovanni said:

    Is there an Office 2014 team? I thought it was Office 2010.

    Oups, I meant the poeple who are working on office 14 sorry (that is Office 2010).

  • What the point of Office Live?

    jamiet said:
    giovanni said:


    I'm absolutely certain that's what will happen. I think they're cooking up something special in Office Live/Office 2014.

    I really hope so. Anyone heard of any news from the Office 2014 team?


    TommyCarlier said:
    giovanni said:

    Wolfram Alpha is the man!
    If he can't do it, no-one can!

    W-O-L-F-R-A-M, goooooo Alpha!

    I don't really care who, but I would like someone to succeed...


    dentaku said:

    One thing that annoyed me recently about Bing is that it doesn't do conversions like 6.3 litres/100km to mpg
    Google converts that for me right away.

    Otherwise it seems to be pretty good. The image and video search is certainly very nice because it doesn't care what country you're in like some other features.

    Yes, conversions are a little more limited in Bing than in Google. I never figured out how to convert surfaces and volumes either (m2 and m3 to ft2 and ft3 respectively). But that takes me again in the direction of Wolfram Alpha.

  • What UAC Controversy?

    I found UAC useful when I installed a wellknown and very expensive 3D cad program and found out that on admins account there is an updater.exe that requires admin privileges at EVERY log on. I think UAC is usefull to discriminate good and bad programming practice, but hey, you can tweak it according to your needs.