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Gio giovanni
  • What the point of Office Live?

    PaoloM said:
    giovanni said:

    Is there an Office 2014 team? I thought it was Office 2010.

    Oups, I meant the poeple who are working on office 14 sorry (that is Office 2010).

  • What the point of Office Live?

    jamiet said:
    giovanni said:


    I'm absolutely certain that's what will happen. I think they're cooking up something special in Office Live/Office 2014.

    I really hope so. Anyone heard of any news from the Office 2014 team?


    TommyCarlier said:
    giovanni said:

    Wolfram Alpha is the man!
    If he can't do it, no-one can!

    W-O-L-F-R-A-M, goooooo Alpha!

    I don't really care who, but I would like someone to succeed...


    dentaku said:

    One thing that annoyed me recently about Bing is that it doesn't do conversions like 6.3 litres/100km to mpg
    Google converts that for me right away.

    Otherwise it seems to be pretty good. The image and video search is certainly very nice because it doesn't care what country you're in like some other features.

    Yes, conversions are a little more limited in Bing than in Google. I never figured out how to convert surfaces and volumes either (m2 and m3 to ft2 and ft3 respectively). But that takes me again in the direction of Wolfram Alpha.

  • What UAC Controversy?

    I found UAC useful when I installed a wellknown and very expensive 3D cad program and found out that on admins account there is an updater.exe that requires admin privileges at EVERY log on. I think UAC is usefull to discriminate good and bad programming practice, but hey, you can tweak it according to your needs.

  • Windows 7 E

    You are right, consumers should choose, not OEMs! I wish there would be a way of slipstreaming the browser of choice into an installation of Windows.

  • Google Wave

    Bass said:
    intelman said:

    Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation

    Yes, I remember his comment, but can't find it right now. However, I think the problem is what you want to put on the "cloud." Pictures from my last trip so that my friends can download them? Who cares if big brother (MS, Google or others) takes a little look at what's inside. Actually, I don't mind a few targeted adds, at least I get to see adds for climbing equipment and not for viagra. The projects my company is working on? On my dead body! This is as closed sourced as it can get.

  • Microsoft Money 20xx/Plus

    Honestly, I think Microsoft needs to clean up its product line. They have too many products small and bi(n)g ones - sorry for the bad joke - and they are scattered in too many market segments. I usually like less products that better define the brand and that are well supported. Regarding Money, I think you can do 80% of it with an Exchel chart and if you have more advanced needs, there are many alternatives on the market.

  • What the point of Office Live?

    Well, Office Live is more like a light version of Sharepoint where you can track document changes and so on, but without basic document editing, I also end up using skydrive all the time. The site has been in Beta for ages, I hope it will integrate with the online version of the next Office and get a facelift.

  • WWDC

    Bass said:
    dahat said:

    Let me explain how they think, it's not a contradiction in their mind.

    Apple's slogan with Snow Leopard is "The world's most advanced operating system. Finely tuned." Basically they are saying Leopard is the world's most advanced OS, and Snow Leopard "finely tunes" it. Since Apple considers Vista synomious with crap, the same slogan doesn't apply. Apple's Windows 7 slogan would be something along lines of "A turd. Polished".



    So basically they have no innovation to introduce...