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Gio giovanni
  • Mimicking outside access to a network

    Kolin1 said:
    Kolin1 said:
    And where the hell did that come from??
    you tell me...

    SSH or proxy are of course a solution, but I was looking for something simpler...

    And why uPnP would be bad?

  • Mimicking outside access to a network

    This really proves how ignorant I am of networks: at my workplace I have a network with a couple of PCs, a network printer, a home server and a router (a crappy business livebox provided by Orange).

    I did set up the Home Server to be accessed over the internet and it seems to work fine (except that the Orange router is so bad it does not support uPnP and I had to configure ports manually).

    The problem is that I don’t know how to mimic the access to the home server from the internet without physically being outside of the network. This is annoying as sometimes I want to test settings and I have to go back home to do so. Is there a simple work around?

  • WinMob 6.5 demoed on YouTube

    Very nice, too bad there aren't many services to stream HD movies over the internet in the EU yet... Any idea when a Netflix-like service might be available to take advantage of these devices overseas?

  • WinMob 6.5 demoed on YouTube

    Seems pretty nice to me, what didn't you like?

  • Why is MS pushing IE8 RC1 in Windows Update?

    Zeus said:
    littleguru said:
    The oddest thing is that I had to restart my computer TWICE during setup ... It's a browser for crying out loud ...
    Just once in my case and that was at the end of the process

  • Should Windows 7 show file extensions by default?

    Absolutely not, otherwise my mohter will call me up 100 times per day because she can't open that file she just renamed...

  • Why is MS pushing IE8 RC1 in Windows Update?

    Ian2 said:
    mikexkearney said:
    So if you had an old beta you get offered an update to the release candidate, if not then its not pushed on you?

    Sounds quite good to me.
    Excellent I'd say as they fixed a lot of the things that were wrong with Beta 2. As far as I've observed, the upgrade is only installed if you have IE8 Beta 2.

  • Good numbering system for products and revisions

    Dr Herbie said:
    spivonious said:

    It's one of many improvements slated -- the system is 20+ years old and dates back to a green-screen system.  It was ported to C# under massive (customer induced) time pressure so the dev team at the time (before I joined) just blasted through with a direct port without any restructuring.  There are a lot of 'quirks' that have never been addressed : too much time spent implementing customer changes to spend any time restructuring -- typical catch-22 as restructuring would make the day-to-day coding faster.

    Ho hum.


    Dev team? What dev team? We are a VERY small business (three people) and the company is about 6 months old so we are our own dev team, IT, and everything else... Smiley

    Given my poor programming skills, I think at first the database is going to be an Access database with about 20 parts or so (speed is not an issue at the moment). My concern is setting up a numbering/naming system that will allow us to grow and eventually port the system in the near future to something more powerful. The goal is that 20 years from now we are not in your situation.

    Based on your post, I get that it is easier to use letters than numbers and I see no problem with that, but they will probably be acronyms because of space constraints.

    Thank you all for your feedback, it was very instructive.

  • Good numbering system for products and revisions

    I would like to set up a database with all products and parts that my company makes. At the moment we use descriptive names to distinguish products and parts, but we are reaching the stage where we need to create a numbering system.

    I was thinking about a number composed of a code for the category, one for the product/part, one for the model, and one for the revision. The final thing would look something like this: CCC-PPP-MMM-VVV or 001-023-002-A02.

    What do you think of this system? How would you go about it? How about using dashes and letters? How about only numbers? What works best on a database? How about docs and docs versions?

    Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Silverlight not ready yet?

    Forget the Flash sillyness, is Microsoft providing free movies over the internet? My German is really bad, so I could have misunderstood some of the content and some of the content can be streamed only from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but if this is true, this is going to be huge.