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  • GoingNative 6: Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu - D Programming Language


    I'm am on board with the whole native renaissance, but c++... it's a language that doubles as a museum of design errors. Header files for instance, and having to put your fields in there.. that's just wrong. Real intellisense would be nice too. 

    D would mean one could have native code AND have a productive language and have been watching it for a while. Also I expect a lot of native domain specific languages to come out of the LLVM infrastructure. Is there a MS equivalent for that?

    At work now, can't wait to see this episode! 

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?


    I agree. Having native code does not exclude a productive and consistent language. Stuff like forward declarations or header files IMHO don't belong in a modern language, a compiler should be able to figure that stuff out on it's own. Now I remember what turned me away from c++. Surely we should be able to have the speed of a compiled native language without all that nonsense? Is that what D is about? 


    The remark about compile times was actually very valid in my case because I wrote a program that built models from a DSL. A user would change something, see the result, change something etc. Then these compile times definitely matter, a pause would let users loose their train of thought. For most people this is not a issue tho I agree. 



  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    @Benjamin, hmm.. even more doubt. I always have to remind myself that a flaw in a technology might be fixed since the last time I looked. This stems from a while back indeed of a service a programmer wrote that we just coulnd't get fixed. have to say that the guy wrote his own routines for comparing two strings, and then got it wrong (for the case where s2 was longer than s1 but identical for the first bit). That one took a while.. When we moved to C# all that nonsense went away and we were flying. Can't blame c++ for that one actually.. Fact remains that c++ is a lot more complicated when compared to C# with the header files and <iostream> vs "iostream" etc. All that I think is really obselete and should be fixed. (Or is it already, then I will have a hard look again Wink

    And, as Parker states, how much of the perf advantage do you keep when you use automated memory management? Does anyone have some real life examples of c++ vs C# on windows? 

    Another point is that the CLR has become very good at code generation exrpession trees etc, does that come as easy in c++? First thing I noticed that compiling code takes significantly longer in c++. C# is much faster. If you quickly generate and compile a model and then run it, that matters. 

  • Joe Belfiore Announces Next Release of Windows Phone, Code-Named 'Mango'

    Just returned my Omnia 7 here in the Netherlands, I think the features mentioned here (task switching, threaded email conversations) might just have made me keep it. Make sure you guys roll this stuff out to customers ASAP! Fall is a long time away...

    WP7 is awesome in potential, but people are looking at it now and a lot still find it wanting, you only get 1 chance for a first impression guys. Hurry! 

  • Modeling with Solver Foundation 3.0

    Hi I'm actually interested in this stuff. THis video doesn't really help tho. Next time drink some water and clear your voice first please. Also do a little more and a bit faster. People wo are interested in heavy sovers are usually busy. Thanks anyway!

  • Teaching programming language concepts with F#, part 1

    Excellent, C5 guy is at it again, what a treat!

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    Hi guys! I LOVE the zune like interace. Really good! Took you guys some time to wake up but this looks promising!

  • HP Touchsmart 9100 Multitouch Business PC

    Nice pc, really. But why are we watching commercials disguised as C9 videos?  This site used to be about real stuff. 


    Be careful with your credibility guys... A quick buck might not be what you need.