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  • Pablo Fernicola (and others) - An hour with the Avalon Team

    Whatever happened to having consistent user interfaces? Isnt that a lesson back from Windows 3.1, to get a nice consistent look and feel instead of everybody writing their own MS-DOS menus and screens?

    Well this is going to be just like the MS-DOS days... now with Avalon everyone s going to write their own wack-job UI's. No app will look the same, no menus will be in the same place, the scrollbars will all be "styled". Yippee!

    And then some years after that, avalon will be "upgraded" to a new system that promotoes consistent user interfaces, and we will come full circle
  • Tony Goodhew - The path to Orcas, (future Visual Studio), studying the market research

    I didn't watch the video but here's my feedback... don't take this the wrong way, but how about stopping with the constant re-engineering for awhile? I am sick and tired of having to re-invent myself every time Microsoft decides to completely change the way we are supposed to write software. Lets see... Ive been through C, MFC/C++, VB, COM, ATL, .NET, and now here comes Avalon. Great! *sigh*. Ya know, these Linux dweebs haven't changed their basic development platform since the 1990's and even then it was only a shift to C++ and that was the only change since the 70's. Must be nice.

    Can you just give us some time to become experts in the stuff we have now so my resume wont go completely out of date if I miss a couple issues of MSDN magazine. I just cant handle this constant churn anymore.