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Golnaz golnazal HEY HEY HEY

Niner since 2011

Yo! I work here at Channel 9. yup.

  • Advanced development features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition
  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Reactor Space in San Francisco
  • Episode 11: Livi Erickson
  • Ep10: Interview with Sonya Koptyev, Technical Product Manager of Office 365 at Microsoft
  • ICTV032: Big Idea: Pitch and Hello Cloud Winners, Upcoming Contests, and Team Prognosis Interview
  • Office 365 Platform for Developers
  • Defrag: Defrag'ing Halloween with the Surface Pro 4, 1000Mbs Fiber and more...
  • Nano Server, PowerShell and the IT Edge Intersection Conference with Jeffrey Snover
  • Episode 01: Getting to know the hosts and what to expect from GALs
  • Developing for the Cloud with Matt Nunn

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