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  • Gordon Hogenson: Documenting Development Technologies

    Yes, using P/Invoke from C# can be a pain.  One of the advantages of being able to use an intermediate C++/CLI layer between C# and Win32 is that you could just call the Win32 function normally without messing around with P/Invoke.

    If you do need P/Invoke, you might check out www.pinvoke.net.  While it's not yet complete, it contains a wiki-like library of various P/Invoke API calls that other people have already figured out.  A great timesaver!
  • Gordon Hogenson: Documenting Development Technologies

    Interesting idea.  I wasn't too familiar with RDF, so I looked up some information on it.  One of my colleagues, Tim Allen, is very interested in this kind of technology, but there isn't an organized effort underway to incorporate anything like it... just ideas now.

    I went ahead and passed on the suggestion to one of the PMs who heads up the Wiki project.  If you have some additional ideas on the cool things that could be done, I'd be happy to pass those along as well...Smiley