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  • Let’s celebrate

    Chicago might be a great city but the venue was very far from superb. I still shudder at the thought of being served ice cold fried chicken. I've never spent so much money on lunch during a Microsoft conference as I did last year.

    Lol yes the food was so bad last year that a few of the meals I ended up throwing the food out after one bite....Also the food lines were so badly managed a couple of time I thought we were close to a trampling incident.  So for this year I am planning on the possibility of not eating any of the provided meals depending on how things go after Monday.  I hope there are some other food options close to the convention center. 

  • Let’s celebrate

    Atlanta is a woefully boring city,

    I have to agree with this quote.  I was rather disappointed when Ignite was moved from Chicago.  I am hoping Atlanta is at least better than Houston.  (Remember how bad Houston was for TechEd 2014...)

    As far as the party goes not sure what other venue options Microsoft would have for around 20,000 people.  The Aquarium /Coke thing was already done so people would have complained.  I don't think the weather will be a big deal as we are looking at late September in the evenings I am guessing it will be in the low 70's.  It would be nice to have a name band but it still sounds like there will be fun things to do.

    My biggest complaint about ignite is Atlanta.  Hopefully Microsoft will pick some better cities in the future.  Out west might be nice for a change.  San Diego, San Francisco and heck even Las Vegas all have really nice convention centers.  Everyone one west coast like myself loses two days traveling to and from Atlanta. 


  • Announcing: Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

    Hmm one big super conference...Not sure how I feel about this.  The last TechEd seemed really crowed as is. 

    Are they combining the SharePoint, Lync and Exchange conference into this as well?  If so they really need to have deep dive content for each of these as most of the sessions as this last TechEd really did not dive deep enough into the products.  They were very general.

    Thank goodness its in Chicago.  Other than the gun violence its a much better choice than Houston.