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  • Dev Diary for April 15th

    Sampy wrote:

    When v4 launches, sign in with your forms password and then add the desired Live ID just like I showed in the video.

    Yesterday, I did just that and saw the "Profile" option for the first time.

      Since then....nada. 

    Is it possibly because I login automatically when I go to the site through the feeds links?

      In other words, how do I get the "Profile" option back?
  • Dev Diary for April 15th


    Enjoyed the vid, though I had some problems reading the screen. 

    Sampy wrote:

    When you open the reply editor, it doesn't take you to a new page ... you can see all of them.

    I presume you are talking about the new, improved version, right? 

    And the newer version will allow for 'treed' replies?  And selected text quoting?