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  • Windows Home Server

    It is not just to share files/mp3/and live TV is yet to come from what I have heard.  And even for a "gear head" setting up previous versions/a winserver is very time consuming.  Remote desktop to multiple PC's is "doable", but no where near as slick and easy as this WHS.

    Even the backup of desktops I think can be done with 3rd party apps.  Retrospect comes to mind.

    Now I have nothing to base this on other than the videos I have watched, all the blogs etc, but I have seen thrown out brand name WHS box for ~500.00.  SO the OS is what 150 or less?

    So for a buck and a half, you get all this stuff that works in less time than it takes to get it out of the box.

    Previous versions of your files. (This does not "happen" on home networks)  The abilty to restore your desktop by booting from a cd.  (Not a restore cd, a restore from the automatic backup)  Did I mention that it only backs up a file once?  As in if you have 5 desktops running XP Home, only one set of the OS is stored?

    I would think that the remote desktop also alows for remote printing which is a pay service for the 3rd pary apps.

    Your data/docs/mp3's are redundant.

    I agree there is nothing here than you can not do yourself.  But I will say that ther is no way you can do all this for less money, time, or simplicity.

    And as always, who has ever totally loved version 1 Smiley  It looks like a great starting place to me.