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gs_cmans gs_cmans geek

Niner since 2008

a geek...:)
  • Driver Development and Much More With Mike Calligaro

    is these videos still alive....i am unable to get it streamed or download it
  • Chris Gray - A super small file server

    i tried this on WinCE6 ARM emulator.....it worked cool except that DiscoverApp didnt discover my device though i am able to see the device in Vista>Networks

    was not in mood to probe into the application as that was not my interest

    Never been able to map the network dirve though the CE remote management works good. Keeps asking for password for couple of times and ending as "The parameter is incorrect"

    Debug log reads,
    HTTPD: request to access script source fails,HSE_URL_FLAGS_SCRIPT_SOURCE for this vroot