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  • Gilad Bracha: Dart - A Well Structured Web Programming Language

    @Luna:Re web languages on the server... really?! Check out Node.js.

  • Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction



    Code for Manic Miner is here.


    Please help yourself - the graphics are used with kind permission of Andy Noble ( but the code is 100% my own work.




  • Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction



    Agree that aligning Creators Club and Windows Phone 7 would sugar the pill somewhat.  I hate to sound like the penny-pinching whiner on here, I've just gotten used to the Android model.


    And please, before anyone comes back and tells me that the Android Marketplace is a nightmare of low quality fart apps and could really use a more curated approach, I agree 100% with that.  What I'm talking about here is the casual, hobbyist developer running his / her own code on their own device.


    All that said, I probably will switch from Android to WP7 AND stump up the 65 quid - the Samsung Cetus looks like my next device assuming we get it in the UK.


    For your amusement, here's a clip of Manic Miner (you remember that one) running on my Zune.


    Great series!


    - Gunston.

  • Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction

    OK, found this information here:


    How do I install applications on my device? 
    Applications will automatically be installed when downloaded from Marketplace. 

    Can I manually install applications without using the Marketplace? 
    No, "side-loading" applications is not permitted.  The only way to get released applications on your device is through Marketplace.

    How can I test my application on a device if I can't install it? 
    As a registered developer with Marketplace, you will be able to register a number of devices that you can directly deploy your application to for testing. It is not necessary to publish your application to Marketplace just to test it. 

    My application is for my company / specific group of people only, how do I distribute the app only to them on Marketplace? 
    The Marketplace does not currently have the ability to provide locked-off areas for private applications. Other than a few key exceptions for Mobile Operators,  there is no way to gate your application to a specific group of people or devices at this time.


    So, if you want to build your own app and run it on your device or your colleagues / friends devices, you have to pay £65 per year.

  • Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction

    Really loving the presentations but I have a simple dumb question about WP7 and the 'app store'.  If I write an app and want to run it on *my own* device without any interference / review from Microsoft and without the need to pay $100 per year, am I able to do this?


    If the answer is "No", sorry but I really think this is a failure.  The same issue applies to XNA on Xbox 360.  I paid for a Creators Club licence for 3 years (£180) and spent a year [elapsed] building a game, purely for the fun of coding / learning.  Now I can't run *my own* game on *my own* console because I don't have a current Creators Club licence.


    Please tell me that I can side-load apps I've built onto *my own* device.  I'm a professional software developer and hobbyist Android developer and the ability to spin up Eclipse and push some code onto *any device* is awesome.  $100 doesn't sound like a huge amount and I do appreciate that the tools are free but you must appreciate that this will be a barrier for casual / hobbyist developers if they can't show off their own work and generate buzz around WP7.



  • E2E: Erik Meijer and Don Box - Perspectives on SOAP, Programming Data and M

    May be [probably is] a fail on my part but is the Zune WMV file broken?!  Thanks.