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  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    From a user's perspective, I think the calendar function would be great.  

    Some suggestions as to who would want to publish their calendar.  Getting any of these automatically into a calendar would be obvious steps:

       - NYSE, London/Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc, showing market holidays.  From experience, it is a total pain having to enter by hand a list of holidays for stock exchanges in multiple countries (e.g. for NYSE holdays, not yet RSS);

       - Governments listing pblic holidays (e.g. for US federal holidays, not yet RSS);

       - Corporates listing their upcoming investor relations announcements.  Investors and the media subscribe to companies' email lists, to get announcements.  Some companies even RSS-enable their media releases.  Taking it one step further, by putting the calendar into RSS would be the ultimate (e.g.;

       - This would be a huge project, but you could even have share registries and stock exchanges putting key dates on RSS: e.g. ex-dividend dates, dividend pay dates, share tender dates, deadlines for AGM voting, and so on for all their companies.