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    Tic Tac Toe = "Piškvorky" in Czech. Smiley

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    Hey guys. I think it's time for a little geography/history lesson. Wink Let's take it nicely one by one.

    1. As Wisnia mentioned above, Czechoslovakia doesn't exist since 1993. It's been peacefully split into two separate countries, the Czech Republic (Czechia) and the Slovak Republic (Slovakia).

    2. Dominique Piatti might be a Czech citizen, but his name (first nor last) isn't Czech for sure. The name "Dominique" is probably French and "Piatti" sounds kinda Italian to me.

    3. There is a Czech name "Dominik" that is pronounced quite the same as "Dominique". Some of you ice hockey fans might remember the former NHL goalie star from Czech Republic, Dominik Hasek (Buffalo, Detroit).

    OK, now that I've comforted my patriotic ego, I'd like to thank you guys for making this show. I think it's awesome and every week I can't wait for a new episode to be downloaded to my HTC Trophy. Live long and prosper. Wink