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  • David Steere and Trevor Robinson: How Live Mesh P2P Syncing Works

    Yeah, we definately have some perf issues in the current release. The upcoming release should be better.

    When you say "upload to my mesh folder", do you mean to the LivePC view? Or uploading to other devices?
  • Ray Ozzie: Introducing Live Mesh

    The platform does support direct lan syncing. The user experience does not currently allow you to specify what files should go to the cloud and what should not. But it will.
  • Abolade Gbadegesin: Live Mesh Architecture

    Yes, you can access files via a webpage/browser, there are also RESTful APIs for accessing data.

    And yes, you can also sync p2p without data being in the cloud. For now, however, Live Mesh doesn't have a way in the UX to specify that a file shouldn't be copied to the cloud. So in the current release, all files will be copied to the cloud until you run out of quota. At that point, files will sync p2p but not through the cloud.