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  • Cloud Cover Episode 26 - Dynamic Workers

    Hi. The sound is kind of messed up in this video Sad

    Can this be fixed? Thanks for the cool topic - I was just pondering about this very concept a few days ago. "Hmm.. Is it allowed to load dlls and run code dynamically inside Azure worker roles?"


  • Cloud Cover Episode 23 - AppFabric Service Bus

    "Oh, I thought you needed that for the demo, sorry!"


    LMAO! Legendary!



  • Cloud Cover Episode 23 - AppFabric Service Bus

    SQL Azure Database Copy! That really made me happy! I'm seriously running out of arguments to use my on-premise SQL... Big Smile Big Smile

    Thanks for the great show! Cracked me up good this time! hahahaha!!!


    I pity the fools who say you can't combine triple A stand-up comedy and azure service bus into one mix!


    You guys rock! Smiley

  • Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

    Thanks a lot for your answer, Ryan. I've been looking forward to it. You and "Bed Intruder Song" is what keeps the internet so amazing!

    And windows azure, of course! I actually feel very privileged to have you answer my questions.


    Big Smile

  • Cloud Cover Episode 22 - Identity in Windows Azure

    Thanks a lot for answering. I have to say that waiting 11 minutes for uploading or even upgrading a package is a stretch. I hope you'll be able to come up with a solution for this, maybe like hotswapping from a pool of already-booted VMs or something like that.

    And maybe when SSD prices go down you could have a premium-option to run on SSD-VMs for an extra cost of course? Smiley


    For my other questions please check out my posts at episode 21. I can't see that any of them have been answered.

    And please let me know if I shouldn't pose questions here on C9.


    Best Regards


    'Hans Olav.

  • Cloud Cover Episode 22 - Identity in Windows Azure

    Can one of you please answer my question? None of my questions from your former show was answered. Isn't this supposed to be a community? Or am I mistaken?


    Best Regards


    'Hans Olav.

  • Cloud Cover Episode 22 - Identity in Windows Azure

    A question: Why does it take 11 minutes to deploy and start a new service in Windows Azure? My installation of Win7 on my SSD tok less than that! I'm using the North European zone if that can have any impact. What is the normal time it takes anyways??

  • Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

    Here are some performance numbers for adding 100 "hello azure" messages into a queue (using ThreadPool for each message insert) from on-premise:

    Managed API: 15,287 ms

    REST API: 7,758 ms


    Can this have something to do with internal locking in the managed API upon calling AddMessage() or something like that?


    I  also made my own tcp/ip server running inside azure in a worker role for adding messages to the queue. And by my homegrown tcp/ip worker role I got just over 3 000 ms in adding 100 messages from outside azure (under half the time the REST API uses). What about making a general tcp/ip interface towards the queue API and making a managed wrapper over that on the client side? Big Smile


    But the really strange part is that the managed api was even slower inside an azure worker role than from on-premise. How can that be??

    From within a worker role in azure, adding 100 messages took over 20 000 ms (5 000 ms more than from the outside)..

  • Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

    Why is the managed storage API for queues so slow compared to the REST API? According to my tests the REST API seems to be substantially faster.

    I thought it was just a wrapper for the REST API... Perplexed

  • Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

    Thanks for the show! Always fun and interesting! Though you could cut back on the who's who jokes Tongue Out


    I have to say I really like the idea of letting the community ask questions. I would love if this could be a fixed part of your show like tip-of-the-week Smiley In the spirit of one-question-only Tongue Out :


    1a) Recently I tried to deploy a simple worker role that basically did nothing but wait. Still it took over several minutes from "Initializing" to the "Ready" state was shown. This caused me to believe that my package was buggy. I actually used several hours to finally figure out that I just had to wait for like 5 minutes. Can you explain why starting an app takes so long?


    1b) Will there be some more diagnostics available for apps that don't even start? I know about IntelliTrace, but let's face it, not every company out there can afford the ultimate edition of VS2010... Many times I've uploaded packages that won't run for some reason (forgot to change devstore, used a non-native dll ref without local copy and what have you). This is by far the biggest pain of the windows azure experience right now.


    1c) On a related note to the question above, why does deploying a package first have a screen with a button saying "Processing..." and then afterwards shows a progress bar saying "deploying...". And when you click "Run" it says "Enabling deployment...". What are all these seemingly identical processes doing?


    1d) Still related to the above somehow, ehem... As mentioned, you thought about doing a piece on the service bus. Well, what about a piece about how to set up access from azure to your on-premise sql server? This is what every man, woman and androgynous person wants and dreams of.. Well, at least until sql azure gets backup capabilities Wink

  • Cloud Cover Episode 19 - Silverlight and Blob Storage

    Thanks! Very informative and fun episode.. I'm getting more and more cloud-horny Wink On-premise seems so lame... and gay! Tongue Out

  • Cloud Cover Episode 17 - Using Queues

    Thanks Steve. I got it all wrong then. 500 msg per sec is actually pretty OK, and you can also put up as many queues as you like, right? So say I need about 2000 msg/sec throughput, I could create queue1 to queue4 and come out at about 2000 msg/sec. Thanks a lot for answering anyway! You guys way cool Smiley