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Hans Olav hansol Cloudtastic
  • Cloud Cover Episode 29 - Working with CSPack

    Darn.. I was going for a "Hey homey, what's with the glum face? You glum or somethin, eh glummy?"-kind of joke above... Hopefully my Zoidberg-image next to it will compensate Smiley

  • Cloud Cover Episode 29 - Working with CSPack

    "Welcome to the show" with emphasis Smiley

    So the show shows itself being a show now, eh Ryan?
    Wow! What a blow to my show theorem Wink

  • Cloud Cover Episode 28 - SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

    @gahayden: Hmm.. After thinking about what you say I do think you have a good point. David didn't get to do much other than fend off Ryan and Steve fooling around Wink

    And about the shows intent, I'm sure officially it's to "promote and provide insight" and such, but I really like the loose style of Marx and Ryan. Of course it's not standup-material, but on the other hand I've laughed more listening to them than to many standup shows! This episode was about 90% fooling around and 10% topic. Maybe the mix should have been balanced better towards like 30-40% off-topic bantering...

    And as to the "thin SQL Azure story" I meant David's Access migration demo, not SQL Azure it self. That's an infinite topic! Smiley

  • Cloud Cover Episode 28 - SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

    Woah duderinos! (Leigh, Hp and gahayden!)

    What up wit da hate? I admit I didn't laugh as hard this time as many other episodes, but no need to hate on smarx and dunry trying to make the best out of the relatively thin sql azure story. Steve and Ryan don't you dare get all corporate and boring on me!

    And for the people with the trolling/downright rude comments: This show isn't just a "show", it's a community show where you sit down and relax - you don't sit and take notes. At least that's how I view it - It should be silly and a waste of time, except you get the side-effect of learning.

    I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure silliness and loose talk is the absolute purest form of entertainment which inevitably leads to the purest form of learning.

    Cheers! Smiley

  • Cloud Cover Episode 28 - SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

    Thanks! Finally a show dedicated to sql azure! Poor David Robinson though... That guy should start his own sql azure show and invite Steve and Ryan just to mess with them and get back Tongue Out

    But seriously, more sql azure please... May David have mercy! Smiley

  • Cloud Cover Episode 26 - Dynamic Workers

    Hi. The sound is kind of messed up in this video Sad

    Can this be fixed? Thanks for the cool topic - I was just pondering about this very concept a few days ago. "Hmm.. Is it allowed to load dlls and run code dynamically inside Azure worker roles?"


  • Cloud Cover Episode 23 - AppFabric Service Bus

    "Oh, I thought you needed that for the demo, sorry!"


    LMAO! Legendary!



  • Cloud Cover Episode 23 - AppFabric Service Bus

    SQL Azure Database Copy! That really made me happy! I'm seriously running out of arguments to use my on-premise SQL... Big Smile Big Smile

    Thanks for the great show! Cracked me up good this time! hahahaha!!!


    I pity the fools who say you can't combine triple A stand-up comedy and azure service bus into one mix!


    You guys rock! Smiley

  • Cloud Cover Episode 21 - Your Questions Answered

    Thanks a lot for your answer, Ryan. I've been looking forward to it. You and "Bed Intruder Song" is what keeps the internet so amazing!

    And windows azure, of course! I actually feel very privileged to have you answer my questions.


    Big Smile

  • Cloud Cover Episode 22 - Identity in Windows Azure

    Thanks a lot for answering. I have to say that waiting 11 minutes for uploading or even upgrading a package is a stretch. I hope you'll be able to come up with a solution for this, maybe like hotswapping from a pool of already-booted VMs or something like that.

    And maybe when SSD prices go down you could have a premium-option to run on SSD-VMs for an extra cost of course? Smiley


    For my other questions please check out my posts at episode 21. I can't see that any of them have been answered.

    And please let me know if I shouldn't pose questions here on C9.


    Best Regards


    'Hans Olav.