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  • Erik Meijer and Matthew Podwysocki - Perspectives on Functional Programming

    Hello guys

    this video on Perspectives on Functional Programming aside from being as totaly interesting as with all the other related videos had the nice thing of showing some recommended books to get more information on where to do more research on your own was fabulous.

    I think it would be nice to add some way of letting c9 users to contribute on each videos pointing to other sources where to find information, like some webcasts, videos, articles, books (in the same post screen) so people can have a quicker access to other recommended material and shorten the time spent in searching for the correct information on the internet.

    Great work your doing, i find it fantastic

    best regards

  • 10-4 Episode 12: Simplifying Your Code With C# 4.0

    Definiteley a good question, however i thing that if intellisense were to provide the default value (which sounds correct) it should also provide information on what that default value means. In that sense im guessing that all that information has its own  place in the xml tags used for commenting  methods, properties , etc. Maybe a good idea would be to provide a new attribute for  the param tag used to comment method parameters (which i think will be an easy thing to ).