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  • Stressed Out Windows: Making Windows Robust

    Uh,.. uh..  I think Eric Hanson was "Stressed" by having the video camera in front of him.

    But good topic...

     Automated stress testing of Office apps would be interesting to learn about like Word, Excel and Visual Studio, etc.

  • Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Mobile Explained

    Hey Charles..

    Your Going Deep series has been my favourite part of C9.. but I gotta say.. Rory Rocks!!!   Charles, you better keep tabs on Rory, because he is going to give you a run for your money with the excitement he brings with his interest in Windows Embedded.

    Welcome to the world of C9 Rory.. looking forward to your future WCE videos.

  • Jeffrey Snover - More talking about Monad

    Microsoft should rename the Nomad project from "MSH" Microsoft SHell" to "MOSH" Microsoft Object SHell

    so we would have
    csh (unix)
    zsh (unix)
    bash (unix)
    mosh (msft)

  • Bill Hill - There is only one space after a period

    ... we have powerfull corporations and their Product Branding and Marketting teams (with good intentions) bastardizing the basic rules of standardized and simple English sentence structure.

    I love the DOT-NET technology, but the DOT-NET product branding is destroying the written form and use of the english language in the technical journals.

    Here is an example sentence from the Editor's Note of MSDN Magazine, Paragraph 2 - sentence 2, April 2004 Vol 19 NO 4

    "Leading off, we'll explain to you the fundamentals of code coverage in .NET. Code coverage is a way to make sure that all parts of your application are tested propertly -- it doesn't determine that they work properly, just hat they're covered by your test suite."

    The above use of '.NET.' basically invalidates ALL of Bill Hills arguements. 

    We already have _exceptions_ to the rules with version numbers embedded in sentences.. now we have sentences STARTING with periods preceding Nouns. ;(

    This is one reason why Homo Sapiens will never evolve beyond version 1.0.