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  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Thank you very much Mr @BobTabor for these videos. I have watched the majority of the series, 24 episodes at this time and i am well on my way submitting my first app on the store. They have been a huge success in my eyes, and have helped me tremendously in being able to correctly create, configure and deploy my windows phone application. 

    I then searched for videos, and luckily enough your latest series was uploaded right after the Windows 8.1 Keynote which was the time I starting developing. 
    Once I noticed that you coded in C# and XAML I went straight to youtube and learned the basics of C#, XAML came across as I watched your tutorials, luckily C# is similar to Java. I watched your tutorials and took notes while using Visual Studio (something I had never used before). It was great that my old device was able to handle my basic application! I did aim its target to the windows phone 7.1+ market as I thought that it would be available for more users to download, and because the 710s latest and last update is on WP7.8. These tutorials worked wonders and you explanations are very detailed, even as this is aimed at beginners it does a very well job in explaining all the basics to us. 
    I really do hope you continue the tremendous work. Its even more inspiring to see that these videos are free to use and free for anyone to download, which makes it even better for me to view them on the train underground on my journeys to university.
    Kind regards,
  • Part 3: Writing your First Windows Phone 8 App

    Thank you your videos are extremely helpful!