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  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    Surface RT vs. Pro

    Neither. The main problem with Surface is that it needs a surface (e.g., a table) to use without holding. I can't just put it on my lap and get a good viewing angle all the time.

    Windows RT vs. 8

    I have no interests in Windows RT at all. I have my set of "legacy" Windows applications that I'd like to use, and that just eliminates RT from my needs.

    My (Current) Dream Windows 8 Machine

    I guess my needs are very specific, but I still have not found a Windows 8 machine that meets my criteria yet.

    • A multi-core x86 CPU with Windows 8: As stated above, RT/ARM is not an option for my Windows machine.
    • Tablet frame no larger than 12". Preferably around 11": For a portable tablet (I am not talking about the table-top tablets), I find that anything bigger seems... too big to carry around. I also think that the recent Intel demo of a display filling the frame when docked and shrinking to have border when undocked, makes a very interesting usage case.
    • Display aspect ratio of 16:10. This is very important for a tablet to be portrait-usable. I find 16:9 to be too narrow in the portrait mode, and 16:10 seems to be a good compromise.
    • Display resolution of at least 1280x800, preferably 1920x1200. When there is a 10" tablet with 2560x1600 (i.e., Nexus 10, and it's 16:10, BTW), it frustrates me greatly that Windows tablets are stuck at 1280x768...
    • A docking keyboard with extra battery: Something like ASUS Transformer. Actually, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity with an x86 CPU (which is 10.1" 16:10 1920x1200) would be it. The keyboard dock with battery would also add a counter weight, so that in the laptop mode, it won't tip over.

    So, my dream Windows 8 machine is an x86 ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity with the keyboard dock, running Windows 8.

  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    Sub'ing Channel 9 RSS and viewing them on Miro (Windows). I do watch all Ping episodes, but getting from Miro (which has a fairly long queue playing back-to-back) to web to log-in/comment (my cookies get cleaned every browser session) is a bit of a hassle... unless I am asked nicely like on this episode. Smiley