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  • Behind the Scenes with Storage Replica and RDMA

    A perfect format for an IT/Server video. So much good stuff in this video, all without showing any windows UI or powershell.

  • Ping 181: Xbox One Shifts, Bounty Program, Surfaces in School, So.cl

    Some of my thoughts on the Xbox One:

    • If MS was going to try something like this, then this is the time to do it. Even though it failed, it will be a non-issue during holiday season, gamers are fickle.
    • I like the way they did it. There is no bait and switch. All requirements up front.
    • Sony doesn't have the install base to try something like this, however they would try to get closer to publishers by exploring DRM opportunities if they could.
    • The biggest loss to MS in this whole ordeal was that everyone talked about the DRM related issues and not many talked about the great new features, like the 3 Operating Systems and it's capabilities.  Again, there is plenty of time for that.

    The only thing that could hurt MS and their push for Xbox one is if their xbox live servers get hacked and had to be down for 24 days. 

  • Ping 169: Hotel of the Future, Outlook scores, Imagine Cup for the girls, Crime fighting tech

    Where gmail still has an advantage over outlook.com is this consistency in branding. Hotmail, msn live and now outlook branding is just confusing. Outlook is much cleaner but gmail still has more functionality and a more transparent layer of integration (like calling a phone number directly from your list of friends on the left) while outlook either doesn't offer these features or if it does, it's a whole separate page/interface. Try Calendar for example from the top drop-down.

    (* you not: As I am typing this (9:37 am PST), gmail wouldn't load while outlook.com does)

  • Episode 100 - Introduction to the Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs

    Not sure if I count as "several".

    When will pricing details be released?

  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    A little late to the party but I will post my 2 cents..

    I got Surface RT with lots of unrealistic expectations and now it's just relegated to a test device.

    • The first issue I have with it is that the browser really isn't that solid. E.g. When you go back in IE10, you sometimes end up on a blank page.
    • The keyboard skips a lot. If you connect an external keyboard it's even worse. If you type really slow it may work OK.
    • Short of supporting all the apps out there, it's really disappointing that it doesn't support flash (hbogo) or silverlight (business apps). I thought it was incredibly short sighted to not include a silverlight build in RT, even if they were going to retire the platform.
    • The screen changes brightness randomly when reading large articles. I have played with the settings but have have not worked out the magic setting yet.
    • I don't need many desktop apps. I didn't expect to dev on this but I was hoping that a decent SSH solution would there for me to connect to the server(s) to fix something small in a pinch.
    • I wish it could join the domain so I could easily do some winrm stuff.

    The list of what I like about this device is way too long and it really is a fantastic device. I severely under estimated my needs though and the device has crossed that threshold of being the "right fit" for me. I now have to make too many compromises.


  • Ping 154: Wireless charging, Bing it on, Microsoft China, Paul is leaving Microsoft

    Good luck with your Shuper Shecret Shtartup.

    Have enjoyed all your episodes. Will try and stalk you through you life reset. Hit the gym!

  • Jafar Husain: Silverlight Toolkit and Rx, Part 1

    Is that auto-focus going nuts? I think I am going blind.