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  • Dare Obasanjo - Where is Microsoft going with ​RSS/syndica​tion?

    NewsGator does evil, evil things to Outlook's RAM usage. Having blogs show up in Outlook has many advantages (consistent UI, posts show up on my PPC) but NewsGator just doesn't seem to be a viable solution for me. Maybe if I were to add another 512mb of RAM...
  • Bill Hill - What were the influences in your life?

    Keep the videos like weblog posts!  Cropping the interview so that the video clip addresses only one question or topic is, it seems to me, the right way to do it: I can read the subject, view the clip, get the information I need and move on. But if I'm interested in learning more about the topic, it would be handy to have a link to the full video so I can view it at my leisure.

    Keep the current system, but (if possible), give us links to the full, unedited videos too.
  • Bill Hill - What were the influences in your life?

    I understand that cost and bandwidth present constraints on what and how much can be posted, but is there any chance we could see the rest of this interview, or at least find out how the anecdote ends?