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  • UWP-040 - Data Binding to the GridView and ListView Controls

    Bob, this is odd. I am making my own app (Universal Windows)

    And when I compile my XAML with my Gridview, including this "ItemsSource="{x:bind teamRow3}"

    The compiler complains "Error  bind is not supported in a Windows Universal project"

    Any idea why I cannot use x:bind in my own Universal App?

    RESOLVED: its x:Bind    (it needs an upper case B) what a horrible compiler message :)


  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    http://www.geek.com/hwswrev/pda/series7/series7.htm We need the size (smaller than notebook), but bigger than a PDA. So we can "Browse", "Telnet", "FTP", "IRC" All that goodness but on the go. But we NEED to type on a nice keyboard. The Psion series 7 was perfect in terms of keyboard and form factor. Please, PLEASE Microsoft, get Psion to give you the series 7, then plug tablet Windows(tm) into it. Then you *really* would have a winner.
  • Jennifer Ritzinger - Reflecting on Microsoft internships

    Fact: Men and Women are different Women have babies, men don't. It's not neccessarily barriers, social expectations or social programming. Conversely how may "straight" men are hairdressers, are we "up in arms" that nothing is being done to redress the balance and make sure we have somehow filled an imaginary straight male hair dresser quota? No we aren't, so why do we feel we have to with coding? Maybe someday women will scratch their crotch, belch, guzzle beer and watch sports instead of doing the dishes, but until then I think we just have to accept that us guys n gals are different. And actually, I like it that they smell nice Smiley