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  • Visual C++ 10: 10 is the new 6

    I think despite its horrible standards support, visual c++ 6 has been the most widely used version of visual C++. Still 12 years later most open source projects still  only support that compiler for windows LOL
  • Steve Teixeira and Bill Dunlap: Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow

    Jeez finally! I'm worried that it may be to late, this news would been great 1-2 years ago but now the benefits of c# is getting to be overwhelming. Seriously things like the ide not even supporting the updated windows controls was a nightmare, I remember how much time we wasted on projects just manually changing styles so controls looked right. Maybee if they got WPF/E (since its a small runtime) fully integrated, I would start to consider c++ again for desktop apps. Really C++ main benefit now is that it doesn't require a 20mb redistrib.