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  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    Rob, great job and very open interviwee.

    So Glad our big boss mentioned "Biology". I am from biology bg and got into computer programming 16+ yrs ago accidentally via doing a biological expt in one of my papers. I believe there's a great future for growth in the fields of AI and more so in the areas of understanding how human brain works. Marrying s/w w/ the knowledge of inner workings of human brain, will enable us to creating TRUE autonomous systems or robots.

    I was reading a book titled, "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkins. This book is a great door opener to how little we know of our own brain. We will start seeing more aggressive activity in this field in the near future.

    After all, we're only as powerful, intelligent as our s/w Smiley

    Thanks for this great interview.