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  • A conversation with Bill Buxton about design thinking

    Bill does note that the design of software cannot be inherently separated from the hardware. What he doesn't mention is that the design in this case is really related to the total experience...which is what ALL design must honor (even if it gets more specific along the way).


    His response about the ribbon is a classic design FAIL. The problem is (which indeed is still the problem with the ribbon) is that it is still too enmeshed in the concept of the functions that are available rather than what it is that people inherently want to DO most often.


    Another example of this is in Tom Kelly's book on innovation at IDEO (The Art of Innovation) where he offers an entire example around how they redesigned a water bottle. Only they failed in their original problem statement which was too 'solution' focused from the beginning: a water bottle. A truly great design problem statement is worded from the lowest-common-denominator perspective: delivering fluids to someone who otherwise has one or more hands unavailable. Had they done that, they would have gotten to the water bladder that much sooner in the marketplace. They did not.

  • Patterns and Practices - A Team of Thieves

    Rory, you mentioned a 'lack of ego'. Language is interesting. I just got done with a rather extensive email to a colleague who has problems with the word 'judgement' when instead he has a problem with the term 'negative judgement' (just as the word 'discrimination' has taken the place of 'negative discrimination' -- discrimination is simply a means of choice).

    These guys don't lack ego in the least. Indeed, the energy that is here is due to that ego. It is simply a 'sure ego' and not a 'feigned ego'. 'Feigned ego' is fueled by 'fake energy' -- it cannot be sustained without a lot of effort. The natural energy of this conversation is effortless.

    I only elaborate this because this is a critical axiom of relevant design -- follow the natural energy, it requires less effort.

    [BTW...the group hug at the end is classic!]
    I've immortalized the interview in text.
  • Patterns and Practices - A Team of Thieves

    At position 10:54 Edward says "we call it the...hack". What exactly did he say?Embarassed