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  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    I'd like to understand the relationship between Jet, WinFS and Vista. My understanding is that Jet is the Microsoft Access database format. Is this what Vista will be using until WinFS's SQL Server support is available?

  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    Hey Robert, can we have a video with the JET team? That sounds interesting!

  • Adam Nathan - Light up an app with WPF (formerly Avalon)

    I'm loving Avalon... but you guys do realise that you're not going to be able to kill that name... I mean, WTF WPF?!! Perplexed

    You're taking an uber-cool piece of technology, with a pretty cool name (Avalon) and trying to rename it with some lame acronym - I can understand the need for branding, but this is just insanity! Insanity I tells ya - I mean who wants to develop on something called WPF?... Furthermore, do we really need to be giving more acronyms to the world? I think I'm going to have to start a new cause - People Against Bloody Acronyms (perhaps I could call it PABA)

    I love the part of this video where Scoble asks "what's WPF?", after having pointed out that Avalon is now called WPF earlier Big Smile

    WPF indeed.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    very cool - I love seeing how everything, both technology (.NET framwork, generics, SQL Server, WPF, etc) and ideas (power of a virtual machine + garbage collection; having a DML as a 1st class citizen in your language like xBase; having a standard way of querying across different data sources like odbc was designed to do; "ORMesque-ness", vector graphics, ...) is just coming together/evolving/building on top of each other to build something out of this world - way to go guys! 

    In any one particular space, Microsoft has some really good competitors (eg. Flash is great for vector graphics today, PDF is the ubiquitious standard for transferring documents, java is a productive language for writing server side code), but its the sum of your parts (especially when you bring them together) that puts the MS platform well out in front (in my mind at least).

    I should probably just read the documentation, but will LINQ be able to join data from 2 seperate data sources - eg. SELECT a.customer, b.product_photo FROM <sql data source> a JOIN <xml data source> b? ON (a.productid = b.productid)?

  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Looks great - but what's the story around source control?

    I've had designers in the past working in dreamweaver to mock up html pages, but the process of delivering those to the devs was, well... less than ideal (open up a 3rd app, check out the current build from cvs, hassle the devs to learn how to use cvs again, check into cvs, etc).

    I think source control needs to be a first class citizen in Sparkle for it to be really useful in a team environment.