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  • Keynote #1

    Please add a full screen option to the player...

  • 8 traits of great Metro style apps

    Full screen in the Silverlight player would be nice. I am forced to stream the WMV.

  • Ken Levy, XML Tools in VS 2005

    (15:15) Code snippets for XML. Very nice.

    (24:00-27:00) XSLT Viewer and Debugger - yes, yes, yes!

    (27:00) Integrated XSLT and C# Debugging that allows switching between the two you guys are too much.

    (36:00) Custom XML designer architecture. That's a great idea. I would love to see you guys get that out there.

    All in all this stuff is pretty good. But when are you going to walk over to the BizTalk team and get their source code for the tree based schema editor. The current one is not fun to use and will be a sore spot for many developers when they see it hasn't really changed in three years.