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  • Betsy Aoki: Not just a cog in this huge machine

    I sure like listening to Betsy explain things. She employs great metaphors, and comes across as humble and thoughtful.

    However, there was one exchange in this interview that concerned me.

    I liked Betsy's answer to his question of why the tech industry is so male dominated. Even though she spent much of her answer strategizing for how to get more women into the field, she did come to the negative anti-social stereotype, and refuting it.

    But then he comes back with weak stuff -- about Betsy not being a coder, and that most MS employees are not coders, so women don't need be afraid to join Microsoft. I like Betsy's take better -- that there is no need to be afraid of coding. His implication seemed to be that somehow coding is scarier for women, so they might want to avoid it!