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  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    DDD looks like a brilliant event. Hmmm why didn't I know about this until it was too late to attend. Embarassed

    Congradulations on the turnout and you'll see me next time around.

  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    Excellent video, thanks Rory!

    It's been quite a while since I spent time trying to build a game. Back in the day I had "some success" with Turbo Pascal and everything that goes along with that (read: xmode and creating your own mouse library).

    When Managed DirectX came about, I downloaded the bits and had a go. I wasn't too happy with what was there because it still felt like a helluva lotta work to get going. My feeling was that if I had to initialize drawing surfaces etc etc I might aswell sharpen the old C++ pencil and code against DirectX using native code.

    XNA however... WOW! I downloaded the bits after watching and 15 minutes later I have surface with a sprite happily moving along to my keypresses and some basic collision detection... Amazing!

    I'm very happy indeedy. Thanks to everyone involved with this initiative!

    Big Smile
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    I recently moved to London and it was cool seeing some of the niners based in the UK.

    hehe, Charles got real quiet when all the 3rd parties started talking trash at Waterloo station.

    Excellent video, thanks C9!

  • The PDC05 Flair

    If you could just go ahead and put some flair on your blog, that would be greeeaaaiht...
  • Brian Groth and Mark Berman -- Demo of SOA application

    Very cool demo!