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  • Enterprise Library 4.1 - Eine Einf├╝hrung

    can there be a post on Ent Lib in ENGLISH Wink i can luk into th code.. bt still.. n btw, C9 can u have a listbox which says show me only the videos which are in the language desired to me!! or as u giv a choice to have CSS in th profile, y not have the language preference too in ma profile?!?!?!?!
    luking frward to have some cool features along wit it..
  • Get Hired @ Microsoft, Episode 1: Write a Killer Resume

    it was a gud one.. ; usualy i go about filling in text boxes n selecting list boxes rather uploading ma resume ,thinking ma current resume was a lil crappy,.. But now i would say it defntly deserves some attention!  Change is always for gud..  i liked the answer for each questions..
    bt may be u could hav made th Questions n Answers pattern a lil more lively one ..  tats all.. N as a dev i would luv to appreciate th content rather jus considering the presentation Wink
  • Enterprise Library 4.1 - Eine Einf├╝hrung

     i dont know how an empty comment came al by itself.. bt in firefox browser am geting no clue how to delete a comment.. if at al u have a button fr me to click to delete this.. Wink
  • Samuel Druker - Can you give us a preview of what search will be like on Longhorn?


    since i hav a proposal towards "Enhancing  th Virtuality in Current File System", i went thro many of WinFS Goal features.. tho u promise a better grouping & Searching; i had seen a very few details about the promised Grouping part in WinFS.

    since i find it little difficult in implementing my proposal which has a common goal of providing a Better User Experience in Grouping Data , it would be useful if u mention certain things about the Promised grouping part..
    If requested wil send my proposal for ur review.

    urs sincerely


  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    though th question is irrelevant to  IE 7,
    i jus wanna know where can 1 submit his / her new idea? th idea of mine is entirely windows file system targetted. if some 1 could get me an answer, it could help me a lot. not jus me but many having lots of ideas but with out an idea to present them.

    to my knowledge i jus found th MS hongkong site having a link to submit new ideas, but i doubt that site is active since i am confused with its UI design and its response to idea submission.