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  • Anders Hejlsberg and Guy Steele: Concurrency and Language Design

    Great Discussion. I tend to think the more functional stuff added to C#(Anders seems to suggest that!), the more polluted it's going to be. C# shouldn't be answers to all the problems, it's about time they don't try to make it that way!

    No matter how much functional programming is useful, current languages will still be alive and kicking!
  • This Week on C9: New Live Search features, freebies, why TDD fails and Duke Nukem


    Weekly videos are fun, but I have a suggestion, why doesn't videos on C9 have Markers? Specially in scenario like this, For eg, I want to go directly to "How to add snow effects in Silverlight (live demo)", how can I do it ? It will be great if Videos uses markers and players will enable us to go to a specific marker. It's pretty simple thing to do, I think C9 Ux team should add it ASAP Smiley.
  • Lawson Smart Office brings WPF goodness to the enterprise

    Super Cool demo! It just means that we as application developers have a lot to do to make full use of WPF. But at present biggest deterent to adopt WPF is adoption rate of .NET 3.0, what is microsoft doing to increase adoption rate of .NET 3.0 in end-user's PCs ? Business domain is great for WPF, but increased adoption is the only way to make is viable for Retails products.
  • MVC Preview 4 with Phil Haack

    Cyonix, Thanks for the Link. It looks interesting however, most of my clients will be sceptical to adopt something that is open source and community may not be around when he needs it 2-3 years down the line. They expect their project to work and be maintained for years.

    Unless an open source is massively supported like jQuery or nHibernate, I would generally stick to official Microsoft version.

    Phil is there any showcase showing how many complex scenarios are handled ? for eg : In one of our project, we give an ability to generate whole  Form by the User (Containing several complex controls like RadEditor etc). If we take out ViewState and Event based handling, will it still work ? Do I have retreive my Control values back in ASP Style (Request.Form) ? In short is it possible to Dynamically generate Control Tree and then Retrieve it back ?
  • - SOAP and REST a Perspective

    Nice Interview.

    So to sum up some of the considerations in choosing both :
    • Security
    • URI Length (Remember URL can be at max 2K)
    • Type of Consumer Clients (Lot of Javascript/Air/Silverlight calls)
    • Complexity of Return Types
    Anything more ??