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First of all, I am a Christian, a father of two beautiful children, husband to a beautiful wife, and a Software Architect/ Mentor. Most of my time I spend in Charlotte North Carolina developing software or writing technical material for my Blog www.ipattern.com and custom courseware, but recently I am traveling across the globe evangelizing Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Portal product.
My wife (Jenny) is my editor in chief for all of my writings.
I believe that Design Patterns are the way to go when it comes to developing the applications and I preach this on my blog.

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  • Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell - A look into Microsoft's Bay Area Research Center, Part I

    I was waiting for this video. Great Job Robert. I was blessed to visit the same facility a two days before Robert http://ipattern.com/simpleblog/PermLink.aspx?entryid=75. I followed Gorden Bell's work for sometime now and finally had a chance to talk and share the ideas of where do we go in industry.

    On Tuesday, October 28, 2003  I published entry about where some of WinFX inovation come from.
    , then I IMed Robert about Gorden Bell because at this time he was evangelist for LongHorn team and I thought it was very important for him to get to know MyLifebits project.

    I am pleased that many more people will pay attention to the research work now.

    My two cents, Maxim
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  • Introducing MSN Toolbar Suite - Silicon Valley team (and demo!)

    Great job and it is about tmie. What upsets me is the fact that MS is never going to do anything unless they have to compete with some other company. Last time is was about WEb Broweser and this time around it is about search! The war has began. who is going to win?

    my two cents, Maxim

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  • Ward Cunningham - Is there a revolution coming in the way people communicate?

    I do not see the Revolution per say, but I do see clear open willess of developers to share their code with the world. Blogs has been an interesting enviroment where people share not only their code, but their general thought of direction. It is always about the Information and when the flow of Information becomes free and easy then great break thought are about to happen!


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  • Ward Cunningham - Do you get religious about programming languages?

    One more thing, when I hear people complaining about learning a new programming language I always tell me to suck it up! I had to learn English, so I can program in VB Wink

  • Ward Cunningham - Do you get religious about programming languages?

     Everytime I watch your videos one thought go through my mind. Man, this guy is good I would love to work with him.

    There are not many people who are passion about technology and not just a DEVELOPER (they are more like coders). I can see that developing software is your true passion and learning another language is great challange.

    I can not say, that I know over 100 programming languages, but surely I do not mind learning a good OOP one. I enjoyed Object Oriented Concepts, so much that I can not even think it terms of blob of code, but rather the abstract ideas.

    Looking forward to hear more, Maxim

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    P.S. Robert great job on interviewing!
  • Jim Newkirk and Ward Cunningham - What is Extreme Programming?

    Jim and Ward,
     The only problem people ran into with any development processes are:

    1. Management – Let me be in charge attitude

    2. Communication –playing a broken phone and assumptions on the parties involved.


    So, many times I ran into so much Politics within the company that it is not even funny. No matter what methodology you would use it would not work until on ALL levels of the “FOOD CHAIN” are agreed on the objectives.

    The advantages of XP are:

    1.Involment of the end-user in the development processes. Consulting companies always ended up to be isolated from the end-user. This is huge project risk.

    2. Small amount of documentation or just docs that are needed to communicate the point across boundaries.


    I agree that XP mostly works for small teams. One reason for it is that people have to get alone and stop playing politics in order to succeed.



    Keep up good work, guys

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  • Ward Cunningham - How did you come up with the idea for the Wiki?

     It is cool to hear that wiki was born from just being lazy. Is it the truth? Good programmer is a lazry programmer.

    I would love to hear more of what you are doing at PAG now, Woud you mind sharing?

    Thanks, Maxim

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