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  • First code profiler for Silverlight

    Good to see the prompt responses on your own forums. I just purchased a Professional License and look forward to using the product on some real Silverlight projects over the next few weeks. 


    Will you guys be at MIX? Seems like a lot of your potential customers will be there so a good opportunity for you to demo the software "live".


    Thanks for clarifying everything here.



  • First code profiler for Silverlight

    Thanks for the responses.


    Charles, Thanks for forwarding.



    Thanks. The Trial Download trial page clarification makes things much clearer. The pricing page of your current site still has the same wording  that caused all the confusion in the first place (not helped by so many people tweeting about it being a 'free' Silverlight profiler) and still states  "only the Professional license [and above] unlocks Silverlight 2 and above profiling" which is somewhat different from "unlocks method names in the Silverlight profilng".  Anyway, it's great that the limitation isn't the big hurdle to evaluating the product it appeared to be. 


    Totally understand your reasons for moving from being a free product to a paid license one, and your pricing seems reasonable if the product does "what it says on the tin" Smiley


    The reason I wasn't prepared to just trust you with a couple of hundred dollars was that the last Silverlight Profiler I looked at had a 14-day trial where even the most basic functionality didn't work and the response from their support people was "Yes the installation software is broken. We're looking at it". A month later I've still heard nothing further and am glad I hadn't just rushed to buy the product based on spec.  Looking forward to playing with the trial version of your product and purchasing a license next payday, especially given the excellent review from the Balder project and a tweet I saw from Tim Heuer who seemed to like it.



    Good to see such an enthusiastic review  (and I appreciate your being honest about the review being based on a free license - not everyone's so honest). Thanks for taking the time to write it Smiley

  • First code profiler for Silverlight

    Very interested in hearing from users of this and their experience with it. Unfortunately despite a lot of Twitter publicity when this first launched it turns out that the trial version excludes Silverlight functionality, and the Pro license has to be purchased to even try it out.

  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    Another very good episode. Somehow it's getting the balance between being a super-slick corporate production (the studio, the way the video is shot and edited) and being relatively laid back and informal (mainly down to John's excellent presentation style, but this time round down to his guest refusing to do the traditional over-enthuse thing) just right.  Excellent stuff!  Well done to everybody involved, and I'm looking  forward to future episodes.


    I DO think folks need to be careful with the whole "cross-browser" thing. I managed to get myself into a position where a Silverlight application looked how I wanted it to in one browser but was seriously broken (visuals all 'off/truncated/squashed) in another, and different again in a third.  On that occasion I had some great help from Shaun Wildermuth and eventually cleaned up my code so that what I'd intended was what I got in all the browsers (although I never really got to why the first cut hadn't done what I'd expected it to do). But if I'd just taken the "cross-browser" pitch at its marketing level and not tested in Firefox, IE and Chrome (and Safari on a Mac - which I didn't check either way) I'd have got a hell of a shock (yes, I appreciate Chrome isn't officially supported - the irony being that Chrome actually rendered the stuff the way I'd expected it to look).

  • Silverlight TV Episode 1: The Joys of Trusted ​Out-of-​Browser Applications

    Great first show and look forward to future episodes.


    Just one suggestion: Can you put the "Media Downloads" section underneath the video? I missed the fact a download version was available because it was there way down the page from the "in page" video in the right-hand column. At its default "in page" resolution the screencast is impossible to read and on other videos the download options are usually much more visible directly underneath the video.




  • First Look at Expression Blend 3

    The Download link for the WMV (HD) version is broken. Can this be fixed please?

    UPDATE: Looks like someone beat me to it. Right mouse click to save target as is now working Smiley
  • Ping: Episode 1

    Find it bizarre that Tina can claim this was made for Channel 9 when she's interviewing everyone with a microphone that's carrying the Channel 10 logo!
  • Countdown@​PDC 2008: Day 1 Recap

    The same extremely vocal feedback about the "green" bags was much in evidence when similar bags were handed out at MIX08 in Las Vegas in February. It's not like the unpopularity should have been news to anybody paying attention!
  • Scott Guthrie: Inside Silverlight 2 Beta 1

    Really, really good video Charles. You should act as "the talent" more often - you have a natural ease about you that makes the interview really work.

    It's great to see the production quality of Channel 9 videos over the last few weeks dramatically improve. Non-intrusive transitions and use of a decent screen capture program instead of silly "point camera from weird angle at screen" is a huge improvement.

    Good stuff and well worth the time invested in watching it.
  • Feb 29: This Week on Channel 9

    Another great show guys. And really good to see the pace picking up without having to lose the banter.

    I choose number 13.

  • Ted Kummert, S. Somasegar (Soma), Bill Laing: On Trifecta Launching and Working Together - Enter SQL

    Variety is the spice of life so I had no problems with the content. If nothing else it's interesting to see three big 'higher ups' sharing their thoughts with us about the way they work, so it's all good even if as a developer it might come across as relatively free of the technical nitty gritty that is our main interest .

    I did find the camera switching and movement distracting, particularly with the camera's being so far apart so that the perspective of where the speaker was looking kept switching all over the place. But this is hard to fix in a fairly ad-hoc situation when you have three different folks all interacting quite quickly but addressing themselves to a fixed position interviewer who isn't moving.  The dreary "single static fixed position" for filming and shaky wobbly cam that can result when trying to focus on the person that's actually talking gets rather dull after a while.

    Personally I don't think the usual Channel 9 "single camera in a fixed position" style would have worked given there are three people all trying to share equal time.
  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    Good stuff and the weekly show is getting better and better with each episode. 

    Nice to see the production values improving too (not just a logo, but coloured lighting and stuff too - cool!). Keep this rate of improvement up and you'll be up there with the 100 million dollar movies by the end of the year.

    Seriously, good job which contrasts nicely with the other Channel 9 videos.  Friday night (UK time) is becoming "Watch Channel 9 night" around here Smiley

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