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  • Erik Meijer, Gilad Bracha, Mads Torgersen: Perspectives on Programming Language Design and Evolution

    I didn't think Gilad was arrogant - he just had a very dry sense of humour. And like many that are (to use the American term) "super-intelligent" his "social" skills are perhaps not as developed as they are for most of us who don't have a fraction of his ability or talent.

    Good video - beautifully controlled by Charles. A weaker interviewer would have struggled to get as much stuff out of his interviewees or would have taken offence at the perceived "arrogance" on display.


  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    TommyCarlier wrote:
    If you've won over Irascible Ian, you must have done a really good job Wink

    To quote "Mediocrity: It takes a lot less time and most people won't notice the difference until it's too late". And while that may be the mantra of the masses, SOME of us have standards and look at the long term and reality Tongue Out

    But you're right - they have done a really good job. Big Smile
  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    Great second show guys.

    Love the title graphics and the way Dan and Brian balance each other out.

    Most of all I like the fact it's not much more than 20 minutes long.
  • Scott Guthrie: What's Coming for Mix, Part 1: IIS7 for Developers

    Good to have this broken down into digestible 15 minute chunks. (Looking forward to part 2).

    Thanks for listening on the "videos need to be shorter" front Smiley
  • MIX 2008: What the hell is this MIX thing, anyway?

    Rossj wrote:

    I'm only being negative because everyone else is

    Errrm, no! Everyone else is busy "living the dream" telling the world how excited and passionate they are about xxxxx, without actually stopping for a second to think through what they're saying or looking at the practicalities of ONLY being passionate about something instead of critiquing it because after all, this time next year they can move on and be equally passionate and excited about whatever it is someone's dreamed up to replace xxxxx.

    Which is how things got into this mess in the first place! Tongue Out

    FX: retires to seat by the fireplace in the corner marked 'Reserved for old curmudgeons'   
  • MIX 2008: What the hell is this MIX thing, anyway?

    staceyw wrote:
    irascian wrote:

    And pardon me for not drinking the KoolAid but where is source control integration (with Team Foundation Server) for the Expression products - this is pretty basic stuff that's missing even after all this time, but curiously no mention is made of it.

    You can use TFS for any files (including Expression).  You can do this today.  Or are you talking about integration within Expression?

    Perzactly. The Microsoft sales pitch says designers can live in their own cosy world of Expression products (cosy because they're fairly familiar in that they 'borrow' a lot of look and feel/user interaction from traditional Adobe/Macromedia products) away from that nasty developer-y thing called Visual Studio Wink The strategy says that they can happily share everything with developers asis instead of developers having to manipulate things or adapt them, but things can get very messy if developers have everything in Visual Studo under Team Foundation Server control (which they SHOULD have) while designers are out in limbo land happily changing the same resources in Expression which aren't under any kind of similar check in/check out source control system.

    In the real world of changing requirements and modern software development this just smacks of a disaster waiting to happen, unless I'm missing something fundamental here!
  • MIX 2008: What the hell is this MIX thing, anyway?

    Aren't we just getting the same tired "designer/developer separation" scenario to sell the Expression/Visual Studio products that was being over-sold at the first MIX two years ago? We should have moved on by now, and yet the same old overly-simplistic platitudes are being spouted out as if everything was there today. If the world really was this simple every web site would have been written in Flash 5 years ago!

    According to this video we now have Designer/Developer integration at "No cost"?!! - excuse me, last time I looked Expression Studio was the same sort of price as the old tools it replaces from rival companies that are much more in evidence and proven tools that designers are reluctant to move away from.  But that's OK because we're now "Fully Integrated because we have Visual Studio 2008". Funny how the need for that wasn't mentioned when the same stuff was being over-sold 2 years ago.

    And pardon me for not drinking the KoolAid but where is source control integration (with Team Foundation Server) for the Expression products - this is pretty basic stuff that's missing even after all this time, but curiously no mention is made of it.

    There is so much rewriting of history going on here (it's taken two years of feedback that designers weren't being catered for? Come on guys the whole point of MIX was that it was touted as being the first Microsoft conference for designers as well as developers - has it really taken you two annual conferences and two years to realise you weren't actually meeting designer needs? Comments about the difficulty of getting designers on board were being made even BEFORE the first MIX and yet here we are talking about changing the agenda as if that's magically going to change everything and designers are all going to rush to attend because Microsoft say they've taken on feedback from two years ago?!!

    I'm looking forward to MIX08, but please let's not fool ourselves. Simply repeating the words "Passion", "enthusiasm" and "Web 2.0" every year MIX comes around isn't going to change things and if MIX really is "about the conversation" why has so little been learnt from two years of "conversation" that have already been had?

  • VS2008 Training Kit: Lap around Visual Studio 2008 & .NET Framework 3.5

    rupakg wrote:

     Most would expect "writeup" to have some sort of comment or review so if you're going to shamelessly tout a Google ad-infested blog post that is just a link to the same material that's been posted here please make it clear that's what you're doing!
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

    Not sure why the video length is listed as over an hour (1:03:50) when it's actually just under 37 minutes.
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    For me the show is treading an awkward line between being what I'm interested in (allowing a few Microsoft guys to discuss current hot topics and present a more human face) and what it has to do to survive on Channel 9 (which ultimately has to represent Microsoft without leaving the company open to legal action or presenting it in a wholly negative light).

    That line became very obvious in Jason's comment about Larry Ellison - it's the sort of comment that I'd expect to hear (maybe I'm just bitter about the four weeks I spent working for Larry in Belmont Wink) and would be echoed in normal rational conversation about a topic, but had to be stamped down for fear of crossing the line.

    Truth is we're people and people have opinions and people make decisions. If you can't let people express those opinions things ain't gonna work, and they typically result in the far more interesting conversations anyway that open up whole topics of interest.

    Other than that my only comment would be that it's not a good use of video. For me it's a podcast. Not sure how you fix that. You don't want to go the "production" route of the .Net show, but a fixed camera of four people without hi-def video is kind of pointless and when the camera does move it's kind of shaky and annoying.

    If you want strong audience figures for future shows you need to get over the annoyances because half an hour is a lot of time to commit on a weekly basis the camerawork (or lack of camerawork) is frankly so off-putting that I can't see more than the "hardcore" usual suspects from the Coffeehouse bothering each week. Everything else about it is fine and I thought the mix of people was really good too.

  • Rory Meets Da Team

    Fun video. You do realise you're gonna get bombed with "Hire me!" spam now don't you! Wink

    Good to hear so many people mentioning WPF/E - it had all gone quiet. Hopefully a video on WPF/E to follow?
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    Cybermagellan wrote:
    hehe...that video was great...funny in the video Ira says not to feed the trolls yet replies to fdisk on this very thread *ahem*.

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but you're right it's very quickly become obvious that we have another troll in our midst.

    I was specifically talking about Beer, Orbit 86 and then Eagle - people who post many many threads that people could never stop from responding to. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think fdisk has posted that many threads.

    I think when someone's only made a few postings you have to give them the benefit of the doubt, otherwise you end up with situations like the guy who posted in the last day or two he was afraid of posting because "half" (!!!) the people who post here get called trolls.  There have been days when someone new has come in, posted on a "sensitive" subject and immediately got flamed unnecessarily.