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irascian irascian Irascible Ian
  • CSS and JavaScript books

    Have a look at the yahoo video training on JavaScript - it's excellent.


    The three lessons from David Crockford that you'll find there are the best JavaScript training you'll find and, as he says in one of the videos most of the JavaScript books are rubbish. The only one he has any time for is the O'Reilly book (the one with the rhinoceraus on the cover).

    On a similar note I find most of Eric Meyer's books (he's written a LOT!) on CSS a bit heavy going, but the video training he put together for http://www.lynda.com  is excellent. You can try the first section for free and then just sign up for a month to finish the whole course. They also have some good JavaScript courses on there as well which you could do as part of your month's subscription.

  • Duncan ... you care to explain ?

    Shouldn't you guys be discussing this offline?

    I know C9 is all about being more "open" and all, but really there are times when washing dirty laundry should be done in private (or using the original launderette, not moved to the big flash one where everyone can see in the windows and there are security cameras recording everything going on).

  • VS2008 Launch UK : registration open

    W3bbo wrote:

    Yeahyeah, but I'm still there for VS08, and the chance to berate someone over the "Vista-menus-on-XP" issue.

    Yeah, yeah, but the event ISN'T all about you! Tongue Out

    W3bbo wrote:

    No different than last time, there wasn't a Manchester one in 2005.

    My bad, but the point still stands. 2005 launch took place in at least 3 places as I recall (was the other one Scotland perhaps?) whereas this time it's just one -> reduced costs = budget reduction.

    Truth is what do Microsoft lose by giving away VS2008? A few MSDN subscriptions maybe? Most people who go for the freebie wouldn't have been prepared to pay for it anyway. Those who rely on it for their job will either have got their company to buy it for them or purchased their own copy by then anyway.

  • Oh Cool

    From one of the oldest C9ers to one of the youngest: Happy C9-day!

  • VS2008 Launch UK : registration open

    W3bbo wrote:
     it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft toned down the budget for VS08. It's not as though it's as "revolutionary".

    ....we still get free copies of VS08 Pro, right?

    It's NOT just about VS08 (in fact I suspect that may get least prominence) - Win Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 are the highlight items.

    And since they're only holding the event in Birmingham, with no London or Manchester launch, I think that's the budget slashed right there!

  • Going to MIX 08?

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Ooh, Ballmer keynote!

    But, besides that...

    Here's to hoping there's a public beta released at Mix.

    I think that's pretty much 100% guaranteed (although they might call it an "alpha" or "CTP" or some such nonsense).

    My money's on Silverlight 2.0 beta and go live license also being announced.

    Any other guesses? Place your bets here.

    The irony is that the non-attendees usually get this stuff first anyway. It's all prepared and launched around the time the keynote gets delivered but of course attendees are stuck in sessions with appaling conference wireless access while the rest of the world accesses whatever's been launched via Broadband. Such is the power of the internet.

  • Going to MIX 08?

    Not been in years past, but am booked for this one.

    I imagine it will follow the formula of most of these events (TechEd, PDC etc) albeit on a smaller (more intimate?) scale - a good chance to network and get re-enthused, especially about future stuff away from the dreary day job, but probably not great value for money if your main reason for attending is training (the conference itself is reasonably priced but the hotel, even discounted, is extortionate).

  • Source control?

    ScanIAm wrote:

    I use VSS and for small projects, I've found it to do everything that is needed. 

    You think those endless database corruptions and warning that you need to analyze the database are "needed"?!!! :O

    Used SourceSafe at Ford about 8 years ago and it was a nightmare - we lost the database twice and quickly moved to something else. Then 6 months ago I got a contract where they were using SourceSafe 2005. It seemed like every wretched morning you'd get in to find it warning you that the SourceSafe database needed analyzing and fixing.

    It's real fun when you rename files!

    It is by far the worst source control system out there. Are there any other than SourceSafe that DON'T support continuous integration?

    SourceSafe - just say no! 

  • ms downloads with silverlight.

    Kryptos wrote:
    it is a beta

    What's a beta? Silverlight 1.0 is RTM.

    Silverlight 1.1/aka 2.0 is an "alpha" and has no "Go live" license available yet so shouldn't be in use on any 'production' site.

    The Microsoft Downloads site is Silverlight 1.0 I believe, and given performance of other Silverlight sites I suspect any performance problems are nothing to do with Silverlight (but I'm too lazy to analyse the page and http traffic to work out what IS causing the problem).

  • shopping online

    I buy pretty much everything online, unless it's a high ticket item (eg I bought my plasma TV at a local store rather than saving a bunch on buying online because I wanted someone to install it and take responsibility for any problems there might be).

    Things seem to have got worse over the last year or so. "In stock" used to mean "In stock" not "As soon as we've taken your order we;ll change the order to "Temporarily out of stock" and then leave you waiting for weeks. Amazon are the worst, especially with pre-orders.

    The biggest problem I have with online ordering is the delivery companies who are ALL rubbish. You wait 2 weeks for an item and the company claims they "attempted" delivery 4 times and left a card when you'd stayed in all day and they hadn't - the driver just figured he'd fake it.  You rearrange delivery for a specific day and they don't show up, with no explanation ever given and the online ticketing just mysteriously showing no update. etc etc etc. It all just adds too much stress and way too much time off (or staying in at home) so much so that I'm actually moving to the alternative model of picking up stuff myself from bricks and mortar stores where I can have some control over WHEN I get the wretched goods, even if it costs more money.