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  • Part 13: Styling Tiles in the ​LongList​Selector


    I worked with LINQ quite a bit. Right now I have List<CustomObject> that is bound to my LLSelector. I was able to achieve the search function. But i am keeping one actual list and then create a small list out of it based on the search criteria and set that as Item Source. I thought from a smart device perspective may be I am not doing this the right way. for ref, List<CustomeObject> I get from a web api call.

    I have checked out on StackOverflow, but couldn' find anything diff.


    Thanks Clint

  • Part 13: Styling Tiles in the ​LongList​Selector

    @Bob , @Clint

    To create a list like contacts list that we have in our phone,I am using this longlistselector with a search TextBox. I am looking for a proper way to implement this search as type function, as if user types in AM, it should filter the list for all items starting with AM. 

    Guys, thanks for your advice and help all the time.

  • Part 30: Adding a Progress Indicator


    I have different pages in my application calling web API and I want to keep only one Progress Indicator for all. Although I have used Progress bar and fulfills the purpose but not the way I want. In android we can achieve this but I am not getting into way I can handle this in windows.

  • Part 30: Adding a Progress Indicator


    I have different pages in my application calling web API. Right now I am doing it the same way as you suggested but I want it some other way. I don;t want to put a separate progress indicator control on each Xaml page and then turn it on and off on each API call. I want to have just one in all pages and it's only possible using this SystemTray.PI. Or if you can suggest some other way around to achieve this

  • Part 30: Adding a Progress Indicator

    Hi Bob,

    What if we want to change the location of this progress bar like showing it in the middle of page?

  • Part 6: Styling the App

    Thanks Bob, I think I have to go with creating styles and applying them explicitly as you taught in the above video.


  • Part 6: Styling the App



    Is there a way to define styles in app which are automatically applied depending on the x:Name property like we do #ID in css for web. Like I create one style for RootLayout and It is applied aytomatically to a control whose x:Name="RootLayout"



  • Part 7: Localizing the App

    @Clint:Thanks dear so it is same as we do in web or windows apps

  • Part 7: Localizing the App

    @BobTabor:Thanks Bob


  • Part 7: Localizing the App


    In Windows and Web applications we can change the locale for the current thread only for the single app. What if I want to change only the region settings only for Pet Sounds but not for other applications in the phone?

    These lectures are really good for beginners. I am quite new to WP, thanks to you for these videos.