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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • xbox one and univeral apps / xbox apps

    last time i checked it was ask/invite-only to get the sdk, which is a shame because i bet there are entire classes of apps that haven't even been thought of yet for the living room.

  • Does C# need AOP built in?

    no doubt it could be abused, turning your project into unmanageable spaghetti-mess, but you could always choose not to use it. once you get your head around the concept of 'cross-cutting concerns', it's very easy to flip your mental model... those extension points will become obvious. Things like enterprise wide logging, exception handling, caching, security checks... they can be application-wide but not really suitable as static methods without a lot of redundant code. being able to sprinkle decorations on methods that inject logic at the start and end of a method cuts down on a lot of boiler-plate.

  • Does C# need AOP built in?

    I know there are some heated opinions on the concept of aspect oriented programming, but after playing around with postsharp to build out a simple caching layer by decorating DAL methods, I can see the value here. I can imagine several scenarios where this pattern would come in handy (unless you're an OOP purist). Would AOP even be a language feature or a compiler feature? From what I can tell, postsharp does some black magic at compile time to inject your 'decorated' code as appropriate. Thoughts?

  • What's up with update quality MS?


    same... i know window.dialogArguments and window.returnValue are used and abused in enterprise apps, so they're probably hearing about it from all angles. the connect article has some js workarounds but it's unreasonable to expect a code fix on every form.

  • Retain build action on files after ​removing/re-​adding to project

    I have a 'TopFolder' in a project that contains a 'SubFolder' that contains valid CS files with full class definitions. There are many versions of TopFolder and depending on context, I need to only have 1 TopFolder included into the build on compile (so I remove all other TopFolders from the project before building). The CS files need to be set 'Content' build action. Everything works, but when I change contexts by removing TopFolder and adding a different TopFolder, all the CS files in SubFolder don't retain their Content build action and instead revert back to the default Compile build action.

    Is there any way that I can add and remove TopFolders as I please while the CS files in SubFolder retain their build action?

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    i wonder... if one day i'd be able to wire up a sqllite, petapoco/dapper, nancyfx self host + embedded webkit viewer to TRULY do a write once, compile/deploy everywhere project. exciting times!

  • Angularjs' team: next version will be written in AtScript, a superset of TypeScript

    , cbae wrote


    I'm glad I procrastinated in building my first AngularJS-based application. Of course, I'll never get back all of that time I spent reading and watching videos to learn it.

    same boat... we provisioned it, got something simple working, but the old timers hated it and wouldn't buy in... 'too different' they said. so glad we listened.

  • c# in unreal game engine

    i've only used p/invoke to get at obscure win32 calls... this stuff is like black magic, honestly.. what's above and beyond p/invoke from c#? would love to read a whitepaper or high level abstract on how xamarin binds to all these closed interfaces.


    *edit* i found this blog post from 2011. cxxi codegen pipeline... super interesting: stuff...http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2011/Dec-19.html

  • c# in unreal game engine

    this is an interesting development... http://mono-ue.github.io/

    i've played around with unity3d and they do a lot of things right, but unreal opens up a whole other world to c#. i love seeing how many cool projects are coming out of oss c#.

  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    the demo looked cool (especially the layout engine), but in my experience, any dev platform that promises 'no coding required' will be an inch deep, mile wide. maybe useful for basic crud apps, but real world requirements rarely fit into safe defaults.