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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    This will bang around in the lower courts with decisions going both ways before it gets up to scotus. That decision will be the headline.

  • Xamarin now Open Source and included with VS

    @Ian2: awesome. thx. petzold is one of my favorites. had no idea he was writing a xamarin book. 

    the ars article mentioned some 'enterprise' features that still won't be included. anyone have an idea of what the new tiers offer? maybe some kind of feature chart?

  • Xamarin now Open Source and included with VS

    amazing! so if i'm reading this correctly, the xamarin vs integration (which had been the big feature requiring a pro xamarin license in the past) is now included for free with vs community edition?

    so any poor shlub off the street can now download vs community edition, build and deploy ios, android and desktop apps with no money out of pocket (outside of dev license for respective app stores)?

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    oh that was wishful thinking on my part :)

    new apis for xbox one would be the dev angle, especially if they open up networking and allow xbox one apps to run in the background in the low-power/sleeping state like mini-home servers. more wishful thinking i'm sure.

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    my naive guess would be something centered around the xamarin acquisition like 'xamarin community edition'... which would be a good segway into uwp everywhere... desktop, mac, mobile, including xbox one apps... in fact, i think many announcements will be around xbox one updates... maybe a dual tuner OTA hardware for the new dvr features and/or some kind of partnership with a cable tv provider ala playstation vue... maybe new apis for home automation in xbox one.

  • Twitter AI bot = funny, facepalm

    the tech is cool and this is funny, but I fear these types of bots are going to spell the end of the 'real' internet. at best, genuine discourse in various online communities will be drowned in noise... product placement and name drops tempered with sassy qwips, not to mention the potential of abusing product review sites. at worst, the tech can be scaled up to dictate overall internet sentiment on social issues and pending legislation. when a bot's comment history is indistinguishable from a sassy millennial, it'll be impossible to filter the noise out.

    asimov should have added a 4th law...

    1) a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    2) a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    3) a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
    4) a robot must identify itself as a robot when interacting with or communicating to any human.

  • MS buying Xamarin

    , wkempf wrote

    @itsnotabug: If it's under an OSS license, that strategy couldn't work, because anyone could legally fork the code base and ensure it remains current on all platforms.

    exactly! i guess we'll have to wait to know more, but i imagine whatever decisions are made with regard to the licensing terms of whichever runtime they go with (keep it mono or change to dotnet core... not even sure if this is feasible right now) will be a huge factor in any long term planning around this platform. anything that doesn't allow forking of the runtime and native bindings by the community will always have this cloud of uncertainty hanging over it.

  • MS buying Xamarin

    , kettch wrote


    Then I'm not sure how making sure that you can spread your reach to competing platforms isn't providing value. They are already putting money into making .Net cross platform. Now they have the ability to own even more of the stack. Why write an app in Java or Swift if you can write it in C# and be everywhere?

    they are very far behind in mobile. if i were in it for the long game, i would get everyone using my awesome cross-platform tooling (maybe even license it for free!), i'd make it dead easy to compile for my os in addition to the rest, then after a certain critical mass of developers is achieved, start to throttle resources on competing os features/apis while actively promoting the use of my closed apis and baked in web services.

    it might start with a flickering/buggy implementation of a new fan-dangled panel view in ios13. unfortunately, the team on that bug is backlogged because i'd only allocate 1/4 of the resources in supporting that 'other' os.

    sure... the technical team made a heartfelt plea to management to get more resources, but that does not maximize shareholder value, which the management team is legally obligated to pursue.

    the licensing terms of the runtime and native binding tools is critical. if they change the implementation to dotnet core, then the community could do this stuff.

  • MS buying Xamarin

    , kettch wrote


    What do you think Microsoft's plans are?


    maximize shareholder value


    *edit* i would love to be wrong on this and i would love for them to open up xamarin and/or use dotnet core for the implementation of the framework, but you can never be sure when a closed source solution acts as middleware / gatekeeper.

  • MS buying Xamarin

    i hope they release the mono runtime and native binding tools under a more liberal oss license, so the community can drive some of the direction. i've seen great projects 'passively' throttled by big corps... ie; hey, let's put 10 people on our 'importer' product/service, but 1 junior dev on our 'exporter' product/service... in this example, it makes business sense to put all the resources into getting people into the platform, but only allocate the bare minimum to have the 'exporter' story to tell. imagine in a few years if C# becomes the defacto cross development platform and building windows universal apps becomes trivial and marginally 'cheap' from the same shared codebase... then all the resources are put into directx + windows apis, neglecting the bindings for the latest native bells and whistles on ios and android.... stuff to think about.