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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • sale on games for windows live

    interesting strategy. you want to increase your platform install base so you take a loss on a few key game titles. microsoft has the cash to do this. if i were valve i would be very worried.

  • Making movies with .NET

    just came acros this: http://splicer.codeplex.com/

    check out sample #1 http://splicer.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Samples&referringTitle=Home

  • Another Azure confusion

    @figuerres: exactly. it's like gae is trying to get everyone onto this infinitely scalable infrastructure when the need is simply not there for the VAST majority of apps.

    that said, i imagine there are plenty of smart people at google who realize this is still a sql world. i had hoped they would have added an abstraction layer api so that devs like me could give it a whirl without going back to school. expose familiar methods/concepts to me but handlle your scalable big tables any way you like behind the scenes.

    how is azure in this regard (the data store)?

  • Another Azure confusion

    @fanbaby: i had a brief go with app engine just to flex my java muscles and in my opinion, what they have going for them in app hosting, presentation and logistics, they lack in the data store. call me a dinosaur, but i like a real relational data model. abstract it any way you have to in order to get it to work in the cloud, but allow me to *think* and develop the way i have for years.

    granted i didn't spend too much time with gae, but you can't even do a proper join to get to your data. maybe i just didn't "get it", but i had a hard time with the data store so i put it on the back burner.

  • Another Azure confusion

    the way google does it is that everybody gets a free unlimited account with some caps for cycles, bandwidth, storage. you can play around and show everyone your cool web app and you can't go over that cap so there's no risk of a huge bill... you have to "authorize billing" (which i assume is pointing your account to a credit card) in order to get charged.

    ms should do this too.


    //not sure what happens when you reach a cap under your free account... they probably kill your app or display a nice message to your viewer.

  • Making movies with .NET

    ffmpeg shelling is popular for this but not native to .net http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1910107/scriptable-utility-to-convert-bmps-wav-to-video-xvid

  • xbox 360 video player

    , CKurt wrote

    @aL_: Try "Windows Media Center" in the dashboard, that should play video at HD quality.

    Indeed Apps for xbox right now is Media Center plugins, and that's as far as you are going to get right now.

    Keep an eye out for Silverlight 5, my suspision is it will run on the Xbox and gave a very good GPU enabled browser.

    You can read my oppinion at http://blog.callemin.be/?p=458




    i really like that idea. is this theory based on anything other than speculation/extrapolation of upcoming features (has anyone on the inside confirmed/hinted at this)?

  • App launcher in WPF

    yep... what harlock123 said. that namespace should also give you the ability to enumerate all process ids so you can kill them when needed (when you click the home button).

  • Recommendat​ions for being able to remotely see user's desktops

    very timely thread as i'm about to get a mac mini to run "headless" as an htpc in the living room (also to get my feet wet in iOS development... maybe). unfortuneatly i have yet to find a way for my pc laptop to remotely control a mac mini that tunnnels sound. this is one area that microsoft rdp is superior to all others i've seen.

  • Fun multitouch audio app

    well you can send any message your want out of wp7 (assuming it can do at least udp over wifi), then your receiving app would do the heavy lifting, translating that to a midi stream. importing winmm.dll in your receiving app gives you access to multimedia functions including midi. you can enumerate your midi devices and send the midi stream out to your virtual midi port. so you'd still have to model it your own way on the device, but translate it on the workstation. of course all these layers of abstraction adds to latency on top of whatever latency your host instrument already has.