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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Missing Vista Basic Install Media

    many moons ago, i bought an acer laptop that came with vista basic with the intention of wiping it and installing my system builder xp. i did so and all was well.

    i just bought a new laptop that came with win 7, but i'd like to restore the old laptop and donate it, but i was a moron and didn't create a restore disk. i think the original hard-drive might have come with a restore partition but it has since been wiped clean.

    i have a valid serial number for vista basic on the bottom of the laptop but i can't find any install media to use. does anyone have a work around? seems silly i can't get to an installer iso for a product i own.

    i'd rather not pay for replacement media from acer. i would love to be able to just download an iso and install from that.

  • New project: Should it be WPF or WinForms?

    sorry to resurrect this old thread but i was wondering how this project is coming along.

    i just came across the naudio library and before getting into it too much was wondering if anyone had other recommendations for dsp/audio/midi in .net, preferably open source.

    we desperately need a proper audio and dsp library. i've looked into xna and direct x but everything seems geared towards gaming. i also just read about this project to create wrappers for PureData, but no one is doing it for C# yet, but they have it for Obj-C and java. A wrapper for PD in theory would allow the engine to be embedded anywhere that could run native code but interact with it using whatever language you choose. There's currently a java wrapper so it probably wouldn't be too much of a chore to take on. hmm....

  • Microsoft.​Office.​Interop.x

    hrmm... so i have an .xlsx file on my desktop. if i change the extension to .zip and open it up, i see the xml internals with relationships. is it naive to think if i could write these xml/rels as text, i could recreate the file from scratch?

  • Microsoft.​Office.​Interop.x

    @phreaks:what exactly are you trying to do in excel? if you're just reading data out then go with ado.net and treat it as a datasource.

    for simple things i sometimes take advantage of the fact that excel (and word) can read/open html files. no interop needed for quick simple tasks of displaying grids of data with some lite formatting. just write the html file out to the browser with an excel extension header.

    if you're diggin deeper with pivots and formulas, as far as i know interop is the way to go with office installed on the server. i think there are other 3rd party libs out there as well, but i have yet to have the need (would love to also hear recommondations though).

  • Self driving cars, please!

    @Bas:you're in the minority. it sounds like you use logic to come to reasonable conclusions, but have you watched the news lately? unless there is a compelling reason to do so, a very, very large portion of people will not like this one bit, if not for any other reason, than "i've driven this way my whole life, my daddy drove this way and my grand-daddy drove this way... and awe-be dammmed if i let a google drive ma cars!"

  • ASP.NET and iTextSharp (free PDF Generator for .NET)

    @robnisbet:yes, after mucking with the pdfStamper (which is admittedly good if you have a solid template + key/value pairs), i prefer just watermarking the heck out of a pdf. you have much more control over the position, layout and can use images. you can use multiple watermarks per page, transparencies, easy as pie.

  • Self driving cars, please!

    the tech may exist but there's a big psychological hurdle for humans surrendering control in potentially dangerous situations. even though i am not the best driver in the world, i would like to know i am in control of my 2-ton death machine as it flies down the highway. if i screw up and kill myself, at least it was my fault... not an unhandled coding error.

  • ASP.NET and iTextSharp (free PDF Generator for .NET)

    @robnisbet:hi, try using a watermark. i think it can be text or image... even with transparency. you need to know the exact coordinates. see my last post.

  • WP7 Event

    in case anyone wants a play by play: http://www.intomobile.com/2010/10/11/windows-phone-7-launch-wp7-nyc/

    i'm not a fan of the design choice made to cut words/graphics off. why not make the headers a bit smaller to fit on the screen? or is it to accomodate the tablet ui as well?

  • Microsoft may buy Adobe

    @vesuvius:as a ms dev, why would you *hope* it fails? even though it's unlikely, i would see this as good news. they're going all in with silverlight wp7 and having the only other real competition (until html5 gets up to snuff) under the same roof would protect my interests/skillset. philosophically, it's a different story, but in a practical sense...