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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Microsoft may buy Adobe

    ms doesn't buy companies to support their products. it buys companies to destroy them.

    *IF* they were to aquire the flash division, i see them fazing it out in favor of silverlight, offering their customers an .net/expression blend upgrade path.

    //or this is all just media posturing to gain leverage in negotiations with other companies. the *real* talks never get publicized.

  • The problem with combined ​address/sea​rch bars

    @PerfectPhase: ahhh nice. i will be replacing chrome with ie9 then when it comes out of beta.

  • How is that new Windows Tablet coming along?

    integrated marketplace would bring the prices down, assuming manufacturers could get os licensing for next to nothing... ms would be in the business of giving away the razor and selling the blade (their 'cut' on every app sold). i read somewhere that they were a loss leader for several years with the xbox so it might work this way for phones.

    they almost have to do this to compete with a free android os.

  • The problem with combined ​address/sea​rch bars

    the whole combined search/address smells of fat finger search statistics inflation. i don't like searching for something if i accidentally mistype it. this should be an option to put your dedicated search box to the side. i see no advantage other than real estate.

  • First AT&T Windows Phone 7 adverts emerge

    i don't know.... it almost seems like their selling point is that it can't do a lot of stuff.

  • Disabled programmers need help finding a code editor

    this kind of corporate sponsorship.... one that empowers people to use the company's products, would be an excellent program for microsoft to adopt.


    imagine the goodwill it could generate. imagine the real change it could lead to in people's lives (to be gainfully employed or at the very least have a productive hobby).


    even still... $1000 is not all that much amongst a guild. if the eye-tracking hardware is too expensive and if someone else coordinates, i'd put $50 in on it to get ironsides35 going.

  • Designing "attractive" web-sites?

    kuler has a ton of color schemes: http://kuler.adobe.com/



    keep it simple.

    less is more.

    if everything is bold, nothing is bold.

    empty space is important.


    also, if you have photoshop, you can build your whole page (or at least the master page/theme/template) in it, then slice it by guideline and save for web. import the html and "important" image slices into vs and you're all set (don't forget to also include the layered photoshop file for changes down the road).

  • jQuery: Novice to Ninja Free eBook to celebrate Spain's victory today only

    just thought i'd pass this on: http://sale.sitepoint.com/

    good intro to the library. good reviews on the dead tree version on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/jQuery-Novice-Ninja-Earle-Castledine/dp/0980576857/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1278946465&sr=1-1


    $30 value for free isn't bad at all. i'll let someone else post a direct link to the file (shouldn't be too hard to find) for those not wanting to share an email addy.

  • Microsoft Patent Would Cover iPad Page Turn Effect

    ManipUni said:

    The US software patent system can kiss my *.



    patent squatting stifles innovation and healthy competition. worse still, it creates beaurocratic barriers to entry for anyone with a good idea. as soon as you get off the ground, you'll get a c&d letter and unless you have lawyer on retainer, you'll be out of business.


    amazon has patented "one-click" purchasing. really? who can claim ownership of the number of keystrokes it takes to complete a transaction???


    page turning is a natural extension of our analog world.  who is going to patent the volume slider?

  • Mac OS X Denial of service

    exoteric said:
    itsnotabug said:

    Worrying about concealed weapons in a classroom? Something is wrong...

    Of course technically speaking the axe could be said to be a concealed weapon, but the only victim was a piece of hardware...

    i agree more in philosophy than practicality. a few years back, there was a string of school shootings in the states. a lot of gun nuts politicized the attacks claiming that if there had been at least 1 armed "good-guy" in the classroom at virginia tech, many lives could have been saved.  i would not be surprised (especially in the south) if on any given day, there were at least 1 gun in class with you during your school week.


    /speaks volumes about differences in our culture.

    //sad either way.

    ///why do i feel like debbie downer?