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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • surface pro 3 as dev machine?

    i'm shopping around for a new laptop and while i know that it can technically run visual studio without a problem, i'm interested in hearing real world anecdotal experiences or gotchas with the form factor. can you do serious work with it? is the display sufficient for your needs? is it easily 'dockable' with a mouse and external keyboard, 2nd monitor setup? the reviews seem to say that it's not quite a laptop and not quite a tablet. how do YOU like it?

  • History

    cringeworthy, although i do have an appreciation for mathew perry's geekiness. i just learned he was a voice actor in fallout 3 new vegas and genuinely loves the series. http://youtu.be/yAbRzjRRLds

  • read-​thru/write-​thru cached generic list?

    yes this gets even trickier with multi-threading. maybe the newer ConcurrentDictionary would be better used for this. i'm essentially going for a 'live' cached generic List<T> that automatically syncs to it's corresponding db table on touches. i can eliminate a lot of the complexity if i just assume that the entire table will fit in memory.

  • read-​thru/write-​thru cached generic list?

    yeah i suppose so, but i'm thinking that it shouldn't be aware of the implementation of the backing store and generalized for any List<T>. most repository patterns i've seen have a distinct repository per entity/table. i could use a micro-orm like sqllite, dapper or petapoco to get the typed entity experience and convenient crud stuff within my concrete implementation. the more i think about it, it becomes trickier, especially if i'm working with a large table that wouldn't necessarily fit in memory, so there would have to be rules about invalidating/removing from cache the rarely used items.

  • read-​thru/write-​thru cached generic list?

    i've been thinking about an abstract data structure that seamlessly caches a list of Something and exposes overrides like OnSomethingAdded, OnSomethingDeleted, OnSomethingUpdated for you to handle the persistence to a backing datastore. GetSomethingById(), GetAllSomethings(), AddOrUpdateSomething(), etc... methods on the list would do the standard caching patterns like checking whether the Something was in the list by key and acting on it, if not, then it would try to find it in the database by key, if it's found then it would add it to the list and return the Something or null. has someone already built something like this? time to expire and linq support against the list would be nice too. i'm sure the full-fledged orms have already figured this out, but i'm looking for something light-weight.

  • xamarin 3

    @cbae: yikes, i can probably talk some higher ups into buying in, but those licensing terms would def be cost prohibitive if i were just starting out or wanting to play around with it as a hobbyist. i think they are squarely targeting enterprise with those terms. also, i'm not a fan of subscription based licensing.

    re: html/js... if someone came up with a ui abstraction that would mimic, pixel-by-pixel, the respective native controls' appearance and behavior, then i'd be all over it.

  • xamarin 3

    this looks like a huge update. xamarin.forms + the visual ui builder in VS is the holy grail for cross platform app development. can't wait to play around with it!



  • First Firefox OS phone finally for sale

    performance-wise, native will beat the pants off of anything interpreted, but FirefoxOS may be betting on the idea that it should be good enough for most basic apps. 'inferior' tech can succeed through ubiquity.

  • First Firefox OS phone finally for sale


    is that feasible?

  • js/dom templating from generics?

    i was just thinking how tedious it is to manually write out your templating js and dom for rich viewmodels. anyone know of t4 templates or other kind of scaffolding that you can use in the client after building up your complex viewmodel? i guess it'd be dependent on your templating library... my 1st thought was to extend object or List and use reflection/recursion to figure out which levels should be iterated over? just seems like someone may have already done this for the more popular templating libs / data-binding frameworks.