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itsnotabug itsnotabug
  • Microsoft open sources Roslyn compiler suite

    interesting... can anyone explain what they think the short term and long term practical outcomes of this move will be?

  • Understandi​ng the XBox One

    building apps for the living room against kinekt is definitely an exciting prospect. i bet there are entire classes of applications that haven't been thought of yet.

  • background thread in MVC

    hehe, not recommended... but i've even seen some projects get away with deploying the same solution twice, with a config bit that told the application start global handler whether or not this app would act as a 'service' node. isolate it into its own app pool and disable the web pipeline stuff and you have a poor man's node farm. makes development easier i'd imagine.

  • background thread in MVC

    it's generally considered bad practice to share your asp.net web request threads with 'worker' background threads. with that said, i've had success doing what you described for small apps that required flattening of complex viewmodels/expensive reporting stuff that i know won't ever get close to the max thread count (which is ridiculously low number by default... i think 50 or so?). i'd go with a dedicated windows service for anything big.

  • the expert :)

    yes, it's very well done. they hit upon so many subtle things...

    "what do i have to do with inflating red balloons?"

    "they're red"

    i about lost it at that line! :D

  • the expert :)

  • Are emoticons racist?

    @GoddersUK: oh, i know nothing was implied by your title. i just find it funny, especially after reading some of those comments, at how reactive the 'default' racial identity of the internet can be when a company makes a small gesture to be more inclusive, usually in the form of edgy jokes. i'm sure the original designers of those emoticons didn't plan on making any kind of statement, they just went with the 'default'.

  • Are emoticons racist?

    , wkempf wrote

    Seeking greater racial diversity != Apple thinks emoticons are racist.


    true. this is a non-story.

  • Is Microsoft Halting Development on WCF Data Services

    that's unfortunate if true. imo, wcf data services is very flexible and easier to bolt onto legacy asp.net than webapi.

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    the biggest obstacle with ios development on windows is the requirement to build against apple binaries. if they remove that obstacle by either providing a "macbook-in-the-cloud" or a totally hands-off compilation step, i would be on that in a second... seems like a great way to get more people into azure hosted services. imagine tight VS integration with 3 or 4 different project target types with seemless cloud-build functionality for windows phone, android, ios, etc... PCL for business logic, platform-specific project templates for ui bindings... the number and quality of windows phone apps would increase as the marginal cost of developing a windows phone app in addition to ios/android would be small. this would be my dream scenario, but then again, this is all rumor at this point.