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  • .NET 4.5 - Multicore JIT

    @ivan: I consider your comment offensive and not to the point. I didn't say "code runs badly". I just want to know the performance difference between Java and .Net JIT .


  • .NET 4.5 - Multicore JIT

    @Vance Morrison,

    Could you please give us some ideas on how the performance of multicore .Net JIT compares to Java JIT on multicore?



  • Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco, and Luke Hoban: Inside TypeScript

    I think TypeScript has a very bright future, assuming MS is not going to dump it in couple of years.

    It is not limiting to use plain JavaScript, when you need you can constrain yourself and get rich tooling support and on top of that it is Open Source, so I expect many contributions from the community.

    Actually one of the reasons I didn't like JavaScript is of the poor tooling. I agree with Anders that tedious things should be delegated to the machine.

    It would  also be interesting to see some Windows 8 examples on TypeScript.


  • Microsoft SQL Server: The Data and BI Platform for Today and Tomorrow

    @rdoherty:Can we do Merge Replication with this Local Database Runtime as a subscriber?

  • Microsoft SQL Server: The Data and BI Platform for Today and Tomorrow

    Can we do Merge Replication with this Local Database Runtime as a subscriber?


  • No Netduino hardware? Go Virtual. The ​Virtual​Breadboard has (some) Netduino support

    The subscription is $9.95 per month or $59.95 per year (50% discount). Sooo, it is still cheaper to buy real Netduino board for $35 and use it until it breaks Smiley. At least for now, while VBB doesn't have support for other extensions, shields, periferals and etc...


  • Silverlight TV 75: Quick and Dirty UX Testing (Design Tips Mini Series)

    I am glad to see that there are people in Microsoft who think Metro UI is ... bad.

    It is blocky, too busy, and colors are dull. I showed my WP7 to many non tech people and nobody liked it Sad

    They didn't like how it is organize, they didn't like bad colors, they didn't like super small navigation buttons, they didn't touch hardware buttons on the bottom, because it is too easy to touch them and you are out of the app.The same with Windows 8.

    Hooray for Microsoft, hopefully Metro is going to be revamp for the good.

  • Show Us Your Tech: Inside the Jellybean

    I wonder what was the total budget for this thing.

    I know that frame and wheels will run up to $2000 depending on a model and vendor.

    Could you give us some ranges? Wink

  • C9 Lectures: Yuri Gurevich - Introduction to Algorithms and ​Computation​al Complexity, 3 of 3

    It is implicit. Yuri calls it "inconsistent set" where at least two of the pairs have the same location such as in my example { (a1, v1), (a1, v2)}, where a1 is a location and v1 <> v2. In this case crash occurs. So we can define it something like that (sorry no math notations in here just English):

    for every Ai where i = {1..k} and k < (infinity), there exists at least two tuples in the form (A, V)i,  where Aj = Al, while Vj <> Vl and j <> l,  and j,l = {1..k}.

    This to me would be a definition of a "crash" or inconsistent state. I think (which doesn't bear a lot of weight Smiley ).


  • C9 Lectures: Yuri Gurevich - Introduction to Algorithms and ​Computation​al Complexity, 3 of 3

    This is great!

    Thank you, Charles, Yuri, Wes and Bart!

    It was a very interesting discussion Smiley.

    I still didn't get how a "crash" case is implicitly defined.

    I can understand that mathematical sets don't have duplicate and therefore duplicate values are excluded either by UNION or by { }.

    I can also see how "crash" could be formalized in various ways, I just don't know which would be the most appropriate. So basically I don't see the set constraint or a definition of an "inconsistent set". I think both pairs { (a1,v1), (a1,v2) } in this set are valid mathematically and there needs to be another condition!? I am not sure.




  • Mobile Photosynth Panorama App

    This is not the first time Microsoft chose iOS over WP7.

    This makes me think whether Microsoft is committed to WP7 and whether we should invest our resources into WP7.

  • 12 Year old kid develops for Windows Phone!

    @Vawdka: there are many more people who fail in the environments like that than those who succeed. In these environments you have to have a high character to voluntarily inflict pain on yourself. Like pain of learning to play piano for 4 hours every day, or going through numerous books to find your answer, or going through 10 years of college and struggling as a student while others making money, or going to third world countries to help others or basically doing something which will take you out of your comfort zone. That is when people get challenged and get breakthroughs. And on the other hand that is when others decide to sit on the sofa, eat pizza and play games (or worse do stupid things), because they think their life doesn't depend on them making tough choices.

    That is why most of the world changers come from environments full of struggle as they are better prepared to deal with life's issues, but those who choose to struggle when they don't have to, make an even better progress.  Because no matter the environment they will choose to work hard, go further and dive deeper, they will bring challenge upon themselves. There are very very few people like that.

    The first group - "couch potato", usually grow to be irresponsible and usually the ones who would leave their families to struggle.

    The second group - "world changers", are usually single moms, who take a huge load of extra responsibility to go to work every morning no matter what, being humiliated by their bosses multiple times for being late because their kids were throwing a fit or their clunker broke down on the way to work, get miserable pay, return home try to pay all the bills, discipline children, feed them, and be an emotional anchor to them, while there is none for themselves, fix around the house and fend off naughty neighbor, and then repeat this routine for the next 20 or so years. How is that for a challenge?

    The third group - well there are a handful in the whole world that I can think of.


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