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  • Mobile Photosynth Panorama App

    This is not the first time Microsoft chose iOS over WP7.

    This makes me think whether Microsoft is committed to WP7 and whether we should invest our resources into WP7.

  • 12 Year old kid develops for Windows Phone!

    @Vawdka: there are many more people who fail in the environments like that than those who succeed. In these environments you have to have a high character to voluntarily inflict pain on yourself. Like pain of learning to play piano for 4 hours every day, or going through numerous books to find your answer, or going through 10 years of college and struggling as a student while others making money, or going to third world countries to help others or basically doing something which will take you out of your comfort zone. That is when people get challenged and get breakthroughs. And on the other hand that is when others decide to sit on the sofa, eat pizza and play games (or worse do stupid things), because they think their life doesn't depend on them making tough choices.

    That is why most of the world changers come from environments full of struggle as they are better prepared to deal with life's issues, but those who choose to struggle when they don't have to, make an even better progress.  Because no matter the environment they will choose to work hard, go further and dive deeper, they will bring challenge upon themselves. There are very very few people like that.

    The first group - "couch potato", usually grow to be irresponsible and usually the ones who would leave their families to struggle.

    The second group - "world changers", are usually single moms, who take a huge load of extra responsibility to go to work every morning no matter what, being humiliated by their bosses multiple times for being late because their kids were throwing a fit or their clunker broke down on the way to work, get miserable pay, return home try to pay all the bills, discipline children, feed them, and be an emotional anchor to them, while there is none for themselves, fix around the house and fend off naughty neighbor, and then repeat this routine for the next 20 or so years. How is that for a challenge?

    The third group - well there are a handful in the whole world that I can think of.


  • 12 Year old kid develops for Windows Phone!

    @AdamSpeight2008: presentation skill can be worked on, but overall he is working, while others playing!


  • 12 Year old kid develops for Windows Phone!

    @PJ: Completely DISagree! You should not be a victim of your environment. While he doesn't have many obstacles, I know many kids from wealthy families who are wasting their time on drugs, video games and other junk.

    I started programming when I was 11, on ZX 80 Spectrum /Sinclair back in USSR, "assembled on the lap" so to speak. My parents were not rich, compare to US average they were below the poverty line. Yet that didn't stop me, and should not stop anybody who is trying to pursue their dreams.

    There can be million of reasons why NOT to do something, and only your character will drive you and see your dreams become a reality!


  • John Platt: Introduction to Sho - A Playground for Data

    @shoteam: this is great! 

    Then for @Novox it will be even easier to convert plots/charts to PDF Smiley, since there is no need to figure out how to capture capture them as image!

  • John Platt: Introduction to Sho - A Playground for Data

    @Novox: true. But you can also scale visual using ScaleTransform (if it is WPF control) before capturing it into bitmap thus getting a higher resolution.

    I have not tried this but you may try capturing visual into WMF or some other vector format.

    You may also pass data directly to a report viewer chart (this is more involved for dynamic types of charts), but then you get vector charts, when rendering report to PDF you will need to specify higher resolution.

  • John Platt: Introduction to Sho - A Playground for Data

    Great interview, @Charles, as usual !!!

    @Novox, since it is .NET chart (plot) it probably inherits from UIElement, for which you may capture a bitmap.

    Here is an example for that:


    Then you may convert images to PDF using Microsoft Report Viewer.

    Here is an example for that:



    P.S. something is wrong with "Returns".

  • First Look at Arc Touch Mouse

    Make A WHITE version so you can market it to Apple fans Wink

  • Silverlight TV 42: Apply and Customize the New Silverlight Themes

    Very nice episode! Thanks!


    Tsitsi, you have very good presentation skills and amazing personality, it helps viewer to digest new concepts easily!

  • Microsoft FlugTag takes Flight (Project Phoenix)

    Looked like concrete block attached to a feather. Did somebody actually think it could fly?  

    1500 hours for this?

    The first images I saw didn't not have that heavy frame at the bottom and it looked very promising, elegant and lightweight. (just like many prototypes, huh?)