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j0217995 j0217995
  • Imagining the Imagine Cup

    So is Jeff short or is Charles just that much taller?
  • Imagining the Imagine Cup

    The video was done this week.  Remember Jeff is over in India w/ this so the videos are comming straight from there  
  • Live Clipboard: What. How. Why.

    Thanks for the response, I'll have to check them out as time allows today.  Great job on this team Smiley
  • Live Clipboard: What. How. Why.


    I am receiving an error when I click on 90% of those rayozzie.spaces.live.com that you posted.  Can you have someone check it out?

    Space Not Available
    This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
    To find other spaces that interest you go to Windows Live Spaces.

  • An interview with Jamie

    I thought it was Duncan?  Don't remember if it was mentioned or not
  • An interview with Jamie

    What a great interview.
  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left



    Good luck, we have disagreed in the past, and I hope to disagree with you in the future.  THanks for the time you spent w/ my wife and I when we were in Seattle and for the "tour" of MS including the company store.  Thanks for everything.  Did you take any Team99 jackets w/ you ?

  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    I totally disagree with you... I think its time for Bill to move on and time for him to become just a chairman and nothing more.  I think we are going to see things improve for MS, but it will never return to its glory days of MicroSerfs with the stock ticker running along the bottom of everyone's computer etc...

    I think it still is a good long term investment
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    First of all I think its great to have both Steve B and Bill G on C9.  Especialy so close to the announcement.  Mr. Gates good luck and thanks for all you have done both at Microsoft and with your foundation.

    I find it funny all over the Linux Blogsphere this morning people are saying stuff like "its great that he's stepping down, now is the chance for Linux to take over.  With BillG gone, will Linux finally have its chance?  Is this the opportunity for Linux to take over.  "  And of course we all love the trolls on /. that are ripping the man to shreds and not focusing on the quality of work his foundation has done.

    Anyways this is not the opportunity for Linux to tkae over, this is also not the year of the Linux desktop.  This is an opportunity for MS to grow and change and to regain its place in the tech world as a lead.  
  • Brad Uhrich - Metropolis

    Video Length 00:00:00 Is this a video for those with ADD? Smiley