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  • An interview with Jamie

    I thought it was Duncan?  Don't remember if it was mentioned or not
  • An interview with Jamie

    What a great interview.
  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left



    Good luck, we have disagreed in the past, and I hope to disagree with you in the future.  THanks for the time you spent w/ my wife and I when we were in Seattle and for the "tour" of MS including the company store.  Thanks for everything.  Did you take any Team99 jackets w/ you ?

  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    I totally disagree with you... I think its time for Bill to move on and time for him to become just a chairman and nothing more.  I think we are going to see things improve for MS, but it will never return to its glory days of MicroSerfs with the stock ticker running along the bottom of everyone's computer etc...

    I think it still is a good long term investment
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    First of all I think its great to have both Steve B and Bill G on C9.  Especialy so close to the announcement.  Mr. Gates good luck and thanks for all you have done both at Microsoft and with your foundation.

    I find it funny all over the Linux Blogsphere this morning people are saying stuff like "its great that he's stepping down, now is the chance for Linux to take over.  With BillG gone, will Linux finally have its chance?  Is this the opportunity for Linux to take over.  "  And of course we all love the trolls on /. that are ripping the man to shreds and not focusing on the quality of work his foundation has done.

    Anyways this is not the opportunity for Linux to tkae over, this is also not the year of the Linux desktop.  This is an opportunity for MS to grow and change and to regain its place in the tech world as a lead.  
  • Brad Uhrich - Metropolis

    Video Length 00:00:00 Is this a video for those with ADD? Smiley
  • Richard Anderson - Interactive teaching with Tablet PCs at University of Washington

    My major was Social Studies (studied to be a high school teacher) and all of my exams in my major were blue book essay exams. In fact most of the time it took multiple blue books to answer the questions. I had one prof that I never finished his exam during the 3 hours that were given, none us of finished on time. Brings back memories
  • Satya Nadella - Running the Dynamics Team

    Frank, What a great comment. If you find your niche that can help your clients out and serve them in a way that says "WOW" you will have customers and a job. Don't over react about silly things.
  • Don McGowan - Technology law at Microsoft (and the software industry)

    I thought this was one of the best video interviews that C9 has done. Great job, Robert. The questions were very interesting. I thought the discussion on the branding and the image of things was great
  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    Jaz wrote:

    I was intrested about Bill's comment on education and software, tailoring it towards the kids needs.

    Now sure i'm not a mathmatician nor do i understand half the buttons on my calculator.  but with software we can tailor a childs education.  Does every child need to learn the same things?  sure it creates a sense of equality (edited out equalness), is a child in year 9 more better off than another child in year 9 where one knows trig and the other doesn't?

    With software we can develop situations where child A wants to learn about the construction business but child B wants to learn about accounting, now does child B need to know pythag and does child A need to know about market rates (don't pick on me for this, i think you all understand where i'm going).

    I know since i learnt pythag about hmm 5 years ago i haven't used it since then.  ok maybe in doing one of your "show us what you can program" exercises but i haven't ever used it since my math GCSE exam.

    We should not tailor all parts of a childs education.  There are some basic things that each student should know.  (I am comming at this from a degree in education)  Each student should know a subset of history, a subset of math, some form of geography, civics, etc.
    However there should be more oportunities for students to study things they want.
  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    Wow what a great interview.  Congrats Channel9.  Was very interseting.
  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    I have seen one issue w/ Sharepoint and posted about it on the Wiki