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  • Sean Daniel - Small Business Server

    This is a great product, Small Business Server rocks.  Also so does Susan Bradely, a bit opionated but great info.  I read her blog and also her postsing on the patch management list, patchmangement.org. if I recall correctly. (At home so not looking at work email where I subscribe.)  Although I don't always agree with her, the information provided is always interesting

  • Kit George - Tour of .NET CLR Base Class Library Team

    I like the videos but what about stuff for us non-developers out there.  For one thing, I do not really care what is going on in a lot of the stuff that you have shown about the new VS or some of the .NET development, but the stuff w/ SQL server was great.  How about more stuff on what is coming for net admins and stuff like?
  • Larry Osterman - His one interaction with Bill Gates (over DOS networking stack)

    You want to know someone who still uses dial up?  I do, the reasoning behind it is it is not currently in the budget to deal with the costs of broadband.  The money I save for not paying the $30+ for a high speed connection goes to debt reduction and a new house.
    Updating my PCs take forever, I have even deployed SUS to manage my home PCs.  It is not the best situation, but I deal with it in order to solve the greator issues, debt reduction and a new house.